Top 10 Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Advanced JavaScript Interview Questions Answers.
In this post we will show you Top 10 JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers, hear for Top JavaScript Interview Questions With Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Latest JavaScript Top 10 JavaScript Interview Questions with an example.

Question : 1 – Can you access Cookie using javascript?

Answer : true
Yes! Pure JavaScript can also stored or manipulate cookies using the some cookie property of the Your Browsers With DOM – Document object.

Question 2 : Which variable is visible everyPlace in your Js Source code?

Answer : Global Variables: The global variable has master variable global all the data scope which means Global variable is visible everyPlace in your Pure js source code.

Question 3 :Which method returns the length of the js string?

Answer : length() functionpure javascript length() method returns the length of the Your static or dynemic string.

Question 4 :Which method Array object removes or adds elements from an array?

Answer : splice() the splice() function − Adds and/or removes javascript elements from an array in javascript.

Question 5 :What are the js Operators?

Answer : +, concatenationjs addition maths operator ( + ) serves two types of the purposes in pure js. The first type is to used a simple sum on the two or more numbers.

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The second plus operation is to used a two or more string concatenation (join the strings).

    var a = 41;  
    var b = 5;  
    var c = a - b;  

Question 6 :Types of the JavaScript Standard Objects

Answer : List : String Object, Array Object, Date Object, Math Object, Number Object, RegExp Object, Boolean Object, Function Object, object Object, etc.

Question 7 :What are the Types of Errors in JavaScript?

Answer : There are 3 Errors.
1.Syntax Error,
2.Runtime Error,
3.Logic Error

Question 8 :What are the Types of comments in JavaScript?

Answer : There are 2 comments
1.Single Line Comment
2.Multi-line comment

Question 9 : Is Pure JavaScript case sensitive?

Answer : Yes Yes, JavaScript is a pure case sensitive scripting language. Like as a all the Variable names, particuler keywords,some function or methods, more event handlers are all the futures so case sensitive.

Question 10 :What are the Popup Boxes in js?

Answer : There are the 3 types of Popup Boxes in js.

Alert Box

function ShowAlert() {  

LineBreak Box
function ShowLinkBreak() {  
    alert("Hello \n");  

Confirmation Box
function ShowConfirm() {  
    var confrm = confirm("Are you paka sure you want to do chat with me?");  
    var livemsg = document.getElementById("content");  
    if (confrm == true) {  
        livemsg.innerHTML = "Yes I am sure confirmed, thanks";  
    } else {  
        livemsg.innerHTML = "Sorry, You are not eligible.";  

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