Top 10 Advanced Laravel Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Advanced Laravel Interview Questions Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Advanced Laravel Interview Questions Answers.
In this post we will show you Top 10 Laravel Interview Questions & Answers, hear for Top 10 Laravel Interview Questions and Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Top Laravel Interview Questions With Answers with an example.

Question 1 :What is Laravel Framework?

Answer : free or open-source PHP web frameworkLaravel is a all about free, with open-source PHP Based web framework, makes by Taylor Otwell as well as simple intended for the main s development of any user friendly web applications following the good look to MVC based model–view–controller (MVC) Latest architectural pattern.

Question 2 :What is Composer?

Answer : Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.PHP simple Composer will All the manage the php all files dependencies We require on a Laravel setp By Step basis.

Question 3 :List benefits of Laravel frameworks?

Answer : Top benifits of laravel framework
-Setup and customization Laravel process is very easy way and very fast as compared data to others.
-Inbuilt Auth means Authentication System in php.
-Supports multiple file systems
-Supports model–view–controller (MVC)
-Pre-loaded packages

Question 4 :How to install Laravel via composer ?

Answer : Simple install Laravel with composer execute below install laravel command on your CMD.

composer create-project Laravel/Laravel  version

Question 5 : How to check installed current version of Laravel ?

Answer : php artisan –versionsimple php artisan –version command run to your check current laravel installed version

php artisan --version

Question 6 :What are Implicit Controllers ?

Answer : route file to handle Every actionsImplicit Controllers allow We to inital a single route file to handle every method in the Laravel controller. We can inital it in route.php file with Laravel Route: Define the controller method.

Usage :

Route::controller('base URI','');

Question 7 :Does Laravel support caching?

Answer : YesLaravel sure supports the caching serever side backends like as a Memcached as well as Redis.

Question 8 :How to get Logged in All user information using Laravel ?

Answer : Auth::User() methods is used to get current Logged in user all the information in Laravel.

Question 9 :In which directory controllers are located in Laravel ?

Answer : App/Http/Controllers directoryWe store all the Laravel controllers in App/Http/Controllers folders

Question 10 :get users IP address using Laravel ?

Answer : ip() functionWe can use simple laravel request’s class used to ip() function to fetch IP address of current user in Laravel.

//get ip address
public function getUserIp(Request $request){
// simple return this method fetch ip address of remote all the user
return $user_ip_address=$request->ip();

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