Top 8 Digital Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

If you want to become an entrepreneur, then there are multiple avenues you can explore. These days, the internet has opened up an almost limitless number of business possibilities for you. You just need to consider your initial investment amount and your skills. Then, you just need to use your internet connection to start a viable and profitable business. Whether it’s a side hustle or a main venture, you should pay attention to all the details, including financial predictions. 

First of all, make sure you have a decent internet connection working at its best potential. So, confirm your billing status with your Optimum bill pay representative, or call support to upgrade your plan. This is an important step, as your network will be the basis of your business. Then, you can explore various entrepreneurship ideas, like the following. 

Starting a Drop shipping Company

You can start a drop shipping company, with a minimal amount of investment. Drop shipping basically refers to a situation where you accept customer orders, but do not keep products in your inventory. This helps you save a considerable amount of money on inventory and storage costs. You just need to choose a product niche, approach companies to collaborate with you, and set up a website. 

However, you should make sure the companies you’re getting your products from have a steady inventory. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a number of unfulfilled orders, and lose your customers. While drop shipping is a good digital business idea, you should plan it out extensively and not make promises you can’t keep to your customers.


Whether you want to freelance yourself or be the middle person for freelancing gigs, you need to make sure you’re present on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Consider whether you want to specialize in freelance writing, graphic design, data entry, or other such fields. 

Then, build your profile, complete with a well-curated portfolio. Once you start attracting clients and rank higher on these platforms, you can take the next step and begin outsourcing mass work to other freelancers as well, for a commission. 

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most talked about marketing methods in recent times. Basically, companies work with affiliate marketers to sell their goods through more platforms, and offer commissions. You should set up a social media standing or a blog where you develop a decent amount of authority and reach over time. 

Then, you can work with companies to get respectable commissions on affiliate marketing. You’ll need to have a wide audience of your own to successfully earn a good income as an affiliate marketer, so bring out those marketing strategies. 

Selling Handmade Goods & Art

If you have a knack for handiwork and art, then you can sell your work online. Use platforms like Etsy to showcase your artistic skills and set up digital shops. Make sure you regularly check these platforms for orders, and try to keep up with promises deadlines. Ensure that you develop your skills as well, and market your products effectively. 

Handmade goods and art sell well, especially if you’re offering something unique. So, use your skills and efforts to create conversation pieces and market them on all your platforms. This will let you reach your audience and promote sales.  

Becoming an Influencer

This is one of those businesses which are highly underestimated. Most people tend to think of the stereotypical influencers as shallow. However, you must admire the business acumen they have, and can strive to emulate it. Influencers build up their reputation and following over time, and then are a great source for companies to reach out to a younger audience online. 

Instagram is a particularly great platform for this purpose, and lets you build your following, be transparent about sponsorships, and influence millions of people. Therefore, it is a digital business option well worth looking into. 

Teaching Online Courses

If you have unique or extensive knowledge about a certain field, then you should not let that go to waste. Make your name in this niche using influencer methods, and then run online courses to get people on board. You can give live classes or a just create a prerecorded course so that it generates income for you even if you’re not there yourself. 

There are numerous platforms which let you build these online courses, complete with quizzes and assignments. These require minimal initial investment, and just require a bit of effort and marketing. Therefore, teaching an online course is a good idea for a profitable online business. 

Becoming a Digital Assistant

Another low-investment idea is becoming a digital assistant. Similar to freelancing, you are not bound with one company, and do not have to work full-time. Instead, you’ll be working with various companies as an online assistant. You’ll simply have to do tasks like schedule appointments, take calls, organize files, and other such things. 

This is a fairly simple gig that doesn’t require technical skills. You just need to know your way around various scheduling and office software programs. So, you can even run your digital assistant business without giving up on your day job, and get an impressive income. 


Think about your knowledge base and skills. What are you good at? Then, write a book about it, and publish it online via self-publishing platforms like Amazon. These platforms let you put up digital copies of your book and you get revenue whenever someone buys that eBook.

This is different from conventional publication, as you’ll have a lot more control. However, do make sure you run your work through an editor to weed out any errors. Furthermore, you should work on marketing your eBook extensively, so that it gets the right amount of reach, and brings you revenue. 

In conclusion, there are numerous digital business ideas that require little investment, and are thus quite profitable. In most of these cases, you need to work on marketing your businesses extensively. Once you reach out to the right sort of audience for your work, then you can expect to see the revenue roll in.  

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