What is TRP? – All about Television Rating Point (TRP)

What is TRP? – Meaning, Fullform and its Calculation. If you watch TV, then you must have heard about TRP many times, at this time Salman Khan hosted TV show Bigg Boss is making a lot of headlines. Getting TRP.

Salman Khan appears on the weekend of Bigg Boss where he talks about the performance of the show and the family members of Bigg Boss. By the way, very few people know about TRP, if you do not even know, then today we are going to tell you what is TRP.

what is TRP? & What is the full form of TRP?

Let us tell you that the full form of TRP is Television Rating Point, which shows how much the show is being watched.


To know the rating of almost all channels, a special type of device is installed in some selected places in big cities, this device is called People Meter, this meter is not used in everyone’s house, for this only a particular place is selected. And this device is installed especially in cities.

TRP: Television Rating Point

How TRP is Detected?

You must have come to know what is TRP, along with this you would also want to know how TRP is detected.

So when People Meter is installed at a particular place, then this device gets connected to all the settop boxes in its area, tell you that to know the correct TRP, emphasis is placed on installing the settop box only instead of TV, this will reduce the TRP. Correct guesses can be made.

The people meter installed at a particular place sends the information about the settop box around them to the monitoring team monitoring above.

This information consists of which channel is being watched the most and which shows are being watched the most in the channel, all these are ascertained according to the rating and this is called Television Rating Point.

After analyzing the information sent by the people meter, the monitoring team decides which channel and show has the highest TRP.


Various Method To Determine TRP

  1. Picture Matching Method
  2. Frequency Monitoring Technique

If there is an impression of 5,00,000 in the total audience of 50,00,000 then the TRP would be:

5,00,000/ 50,00,000 *100 = 10 TRP Rating


How does TV channel income from TRP?

Let us tell you that 80% of the income of any channel comes from advertisements and these advertisements come in a break of two minutes of every show.

They pay a lot of money to the channel people to show their advertisement on any channel with advertisement, in this way most of the income of these channel comes from the advertisement being shown to you.

Now you would like to know that what is the relation of advertisement with TRP, then let us tell you that the channel whose TRP is higher, that channel takes more money from the advertisers for showing advertisements in the middle of their show i.e. in the break.

For example, at this time the TRP of Bigg Boss is very high, you must have noticed that whenever there is a break in the Big Boss show, the advertisements shown in it are of very big multinational companies.

These big companies themselves give a lot of money to the channel people to show their ads in Big Boss.

It is the effort of these companies that more and more people see their advertisement and by showing advertisements in shows with high TRP, their work is also completed.

In this way, the TV channel also gets a lot of income.

TRP is very closely related to TV channel, after reading this post you must have also come to know that what is TRP, for Television Rating Point you are asked to install set top box, which helps a lot in analyzing TRP, however Now set top boxes have been installed in most of the houses and now the TRP information of the channel is also accurate.

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