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in uga health center Learn To It’s staff Info, phone number, center hours, jobs, On hold details, no of dentist, total no of women’s clinic or many more. The College of Public Health brings together many of UGA’s research, teaching and outreach programs in the areas of health and medicine allowing UGA to better address the serious disease and health programs that affect populations around the state, country, and world.

UGA health center

Address: 55 Carlton St, Athens, GA 30602, United States
Phone: +1 706-542-1162
Website Link: University of Georgia Health Center
Reviews from the web 3.8/5
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Departments: University Health Center: Physical Therapy Department

University of Georgia Health Center : Hours

  • Sunday       10am–5pm
  • Monday       8am–5pm
  • Tuesday      8am–5pm
  • Wednesday  8am–5pm
  • Thursday    8am–5pm
  • Friday        8am–5pm
  • Saturday    Closed

It is home to four academic departments and four institutes. We are fulfilling UGA’s mission as the state’s land-grant university to train future leaders responsible for the public health and well-being of Georgians through our Doctor of Public Health and Master of Public Health programs.

The College also offers a range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in several areas and now has more than 200 faculty and staff, 900 students, and over 30 million dollars in active research funding.

Separate from UGA is main campus and formerly the Navy Supply School, our 58-acre property has a rich legacy in the Athens community serving students of various ages, levels, and disciplines for more than 120 years. Historic buildings, like the Carnegie Library Learning Center, facilitate a unique learning environment for our students. The College of Public Health is two miles from downtown and the famous UGA Arch and across the street from an increasingly popular portion of A then scalled Normaltown.

Normal town is home of some of Athens best coffee, food and cocktails. Bishop Park is nearby and within walking distance. Join the momentum and become a part of this thriving new sector of UGA and Athens, Georgia.

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