Understanding Join Queries in Laravel [joins in laravel]

Today, We want to share with you joins in laravel.In this post we will show you Laravel 6 Joins Example Tutorial, hear for join laravel we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Sub Query Joins with an example.

laravel join query

  • Inner Join Clause
  • Left Join / Right Join Clause
  • Cross Join Clause
  • Advanced Join Clauses
  • Sub-Query Joins

Inner Join Clause

$member = Member::join('gifts', 'gifts.member_id', '=', 'members.id')

Left Join / Right Join Clause

Left Join Clause

 Member::leftJoin('gifts', 'gifts.member_id', '=', 'members.id')

Right Join Clause

Member::rightJoin('gifts', 'gifts.member_id', '=', 'members.id')

Cross Join Clause


Advanced Join Clauses

        ->join('calls', function ($join) {
            $join->on('members.id', '=', 'calls.member_id')
                 ->where('calls.member_id', '>', 5);

Sub-Query Joins

->select('member_id', DB::raw('MAX(created_at) as last_post_created_at'))
->where('is_published', true)->groupBy('member_id');

I hope you get an idea about laravel joins.
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