Unix timestamp to date – Convert a Unix timestamp to time in JavaScript?

Unix timestamp to date Convert Unix Timestamp to Date in JavaScript · getDate() returns the day of the calendar month 1 to 31 at that time. To get the unix timestamp using JavaScript you need to use the getTime() function of the build in Date object.

Unix timestamp to date

We can get the current timestamp in JavaScript by using the Date.now() method. The Javascript Date object has a number of functions for working with dates and times.


let unix_timestamp = 1549312452

var join_at = new Date(unix_timestamp * 1000);

var hours = join_at.getHours();

var minutes = "0" + join_at.getMinutes();

var seconds = "0" + join_at.getSeconds();

var formattedTime = hours + ':' + minutes.substr(-2) + ':' + seconds.substr(-2);


Convert Unix Timestamp to Date in JavaScript

var timestamp = 1607110465663
var join_at = new Date(timestamp);

convert unix timestamp to date javascript

unix time to date javascript

const unixTime = 1210981217;
const join_at = new Date(unixTime*1000);
//expected: "5/16/2022"

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how to format unix timestamp javascript?

var s = new Date(1504095567183).toLocaleDateString("en-US")
// expected output "8/30/2017"  

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