Updating Dynamically HTML Table Using JavaScript

Updating Dynamically HTML Table Using JavaScript

In this POST I am going to best explain jQuery table update data dynamically edit HTML Table rows with jQuery and javascirpt.

Updating Dynamically HTML Table Using JavaScript As well as I dblclick on HTML table(3 Rows, 5 columns) all data the HTML input text display on that HTML
tag with dynamically data allocated unique ID to that input and push data.

Dynamically update a table using javascript with jquery.It takes only Two step following.
1st :create a HTML file and define markup with HTML Table Script
2nd :create a js Script file and define scripting with External file call in jquery

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Example : update Rows From HTML Table Dynamically Using JavaScript with jquery

<title>Simple Add,update And Delete Rows From HTML Table Dynamically</title>
<script src="YourProjectfoldername/1.12.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
<body class="dyn-data">
	<caption>Simple Example Update Rows and Colm. FROM HTML table Dynamically</caption>
	<table class="table data" id="newtabledataComplet" border="3">
		<thead class="focus">
				<th>Project Name</th>
				<th>Project Language</th>
				<th>Project Databased</th>
				<th>Project Script</th>
				<th>Project Programming</th>
				<td>Laravel - demo</td>
				<td>PHP - example</td>
				<td>MySQL - tutorilaspoint</td>
				<td>mysqli - download</td>
				<td>Javascript - learn step by step</td>
				<td>Java - step by step</td>
				<td>BASIC c</td>
				<td>simple c++</td>
				<td>steps c#</td>
				<td>describe Oracle</td>
				<td>Learn Mean.js step by step</td>
				<td>demo - Android</td>
				<td>IOS - Example step by step</td>
				<td>Magento Master Learn step by step</td>
				<td>HTML - Example</td>
	$('td').on('click', function() { // td double click to change
		var $this = $(this);       //select column
		var $input = $('<input>', { // double click to change value
			value: $this.text(), //select this value
			type: 'text',		 //Like string,json,array datatype defined
			blur: function() { //blur function call
			   $this.text(this.value); // onblur function to change and save
			keyup: function(e) { 
			   if (e.which === 13) $input.blur(); // tab or enter press to update
		}).appendTo( $this.empty() ).focus(); // empty so focus

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You can used to customize this code further choice as per your project requirement.