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List of all the work that is being done for the workers who are working for the workers of Uttar Pradesh.

uplmis – UP Labour all works list

  1. All types of stone cutting, breaking and grinding
  2. All work related to flood management and similar work
  3. Assembling and installation of window grill doors etc.
  4. Blacksmith
  5. Brick manufacturing work on brick kilns
  6. Chowkidari to provide security at the construction site
  7. Clerical / Accounts work (all types working as a construction establishment clerk and accountant
  8. Construction of dam bridge road or any operation under construction
  9. Construction of other recreational facilities including/swimming pool, golf course etc.
  10. Electricity
  11. Installation and repair of cold and hot machinery
  12. Installation and repair of fire fighting system
  13. Installation of lift and automatic ladder
  14. Installation of modular units for use in the kitchen
  15. Installation of security gates and other equipment
  16. Interior decoration work of houses/buildings
  17. Major mechanical work like machinery bridge construction work etc.
  18. Mining work of clay sand and morang
  19. Road Construction
  20. Spray work or mixing work (related to road construction)
  21. building a community park or footpath
  22. carpentry
  23. digging a well
  24. earthwork
  25. for the worker of
  26. hammer work
  27. lime making
  28. marble and stone work
  29. mason’s work
  30. mosaic polish
  31. oiling
  32. operation of mixer
  33. panting
  34. plumbing
  35. quarrying
  36. rolling roller
  37. roofing
  38. silt removal / deburring
  39. transportation of cement concrete bricks etc.
  40. tunnel construction
  41. welding work

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