Vriksharopan (वृक्षारोपण) – Learn Importance and Benefit of Tree Plantation – Best 500 Word Essay

vriksharopan 2021: Today we will write an essay on tree plantation (Essay On Vriksharopan). This essay on tree plantation is written for kids and class 1 To 12 and college students.

Essay on vriksharopan

Today we have published Essay on vriksharopan in this article. This is a short 600 words essay for school-college students. Students can take help from this essay for exams and competitions.

“वृक्षारोपण से ही पृथ्वी पर सुखचैन है
इसे लगाओ जीवन का एक महत्वपूर्ण संदेश है.”

Definition of plantation (vriksharopan)

Tree is made of tree+plantation. Planting trees somewhere, the process of planting trees somewhere is called plantation.



Forest is very useful for human life, but the common person is not understanding its importance, those who live in forests or whose livelihood is dependent on forests, only those people understand the importance of forests.

Staying around these trees keeps our body healthy and the mind gets peace. Shri Krishna has said in the Gita.

मुलतः ब्रह्मा रूपाय मध्यतो विष्णु रूपिन्ह:

अगर्त्त:शिव रूपाय अश्वव्याय नमो नमः

What is Tree Plantation(vriksharopan)?

Plantation is the process of planting trees or sowing seeds in a barren land devoid of any trees. It is a process of planting exotic trees in particular countries.

In today’s modern era, the number of trees is decreasing a lot and it is very useful for human life, so it is very important to plant trees.

In simple words, plantation is the creation of new forests.

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Importance of vriksharopan – Tree Plantation

“जहां हरियाली वहां ख़ुशहाली।“

  • Trees have a very special importance in human life. Trees are the sons of Mother Earth and also our friends.
  • We get fruits, vegetables, wood, etc. from trees.
  • Wood is used to make furniture, paper, glue, etc.
  • Apart from this, many medicines are prepared from trees, which help us in the treatment of many types of diseases related to our body.
  • Trees not only provide us with pure air but also make the environment beautiful.
vriksharopan (वृक्षारोपण)
vriksharopan (वृक्षारोपण)

Birds make their nests on trees. In the scorching sun, by providing shade to man, it helps in protecting him from summer. Without trees, human life would be in danger.

Man has become an enemy of trees by getting greedy for amenities.

He is continuously cutting down trees, due to which our environment is getting adverse effects and man is facing many types of natural calamities.

वृक्षों को नष्ट होने से बचाओ, चलो अपना अब फर्ज निभाओ।

The temperature of the earth is increasing continuously, the snow of the mountains is continuously melting, due to which the risk of flood remains.

Trees and plants are the pride of nature, due to which humans have survived on the earth.

It would not be wrong to say that trees are our friends. The roots of trees hold the soil tightly.

Due to the roots, the fertile soil is saved from wind (soil erosion).

Trees help us to get rain on time. Truly trees are our true friends. We have to protect them.

Trees and plants themselves bear the sun and storms and provide us with cool air and shade, never discriminate against anyone and never call anyone their own and alien.

जागरूक बनिए, वृक्षों को काटने से बचिए।

We have to protect them and stop people from cutting trees, they are very much indebted to us, if we want a good life in our life then we have to take care of these trees like our children.


Human life is impossible without pure air and oxygen.

After suffering from many types of natural calamities and pollution, people are now coming to understand the importance of tree plantation – vriksharopan.

Now from the city to the village, the people and the government have started many programs together to promote tree plantation (vriksharopan).

vriksharopan programs are being run regularly by children and teachers in schools and colleges also.

benefits of plantation

When the plants planted in the plantation take the form of a forest, it helps and benefits us in many important ways.

भविष्य हमारा खुशहाल बनेगा, अगर आज से वृक्ष बचेगा।

  1. Some of the benefits of forests are as follows.
  2. Medicines are obtained from forests.
  3. Herbs are obtained from forests.
  4. Materials for building houses are obtained from forests.
  5. Gum is obtained from forests.
  6. Animal feed, such as grass etc. is obtained.
  7. Good rain is possible only because of the tree.
  8. Colors and paper are also obtained from forests.
  9. Wood, furniture, medicines etc. are obtained from forests.
  10. Many industries run because of forests. Which become a means of employment.
  11. Forests give us pure air by accepting the polluted air.
  12. We mostly depend on these forests. Just as air and water are necessary. Similarly, trees are also necessary.
  13. If there is forest then we are there and it is healthy. That is why the tree is an important part of our life, which provides us with clean air and clean oxygen.

हर एक आदमी एक पेड़ लगाए।
जरा सोच लो कितनी है आबादी,
ऐसा करने से फिर से हरियाली आ जाए।।


Tree plantation(vriksharopan) is not only the duty of the government but it is also our duty. It is the duty of every citizen not to cut trees and also to stop them from being cut.

Plant more and more trees, so that we continue to get the benefits of tourism, animal bird sighting, natural balance, vegetation etc.

If the forest wealth is destroyed then it will be very difficult to save nature from the wrath.

  • Tree plantation is a must.
  • Stay healthy and be happy, rest in its shade.
  • Tree is a treasure of gold.
  • It is our job to save them.
  • Plant trees and make our country green and beautiful.
  • vriksharopan – SUVICHAR

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