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Vuejs nested components

Today, We want to share with you Vuejs nested components.In this post we will show you VueJS access nested component data value, hear for Vuejs nested components with single file components we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Navigate Nested Child Routes In A Vue.js Web Application with an example.

Vuejs nested components

There are the Following The simple About Vuejs nested components Full Information With Example and source code.

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As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Vuejs nested components with inline-template, so the vue pass data to component for this example is following below.

step 1: vuejs Script Code

source Code from main.js

var shopComponent = Vue.extend({
    template: '#shop-component',

    data: function() {
        return {
            products: []

    created: function() {
            .then(function(products) {
                this.products = products.data;

var shopComponentChild = Vue.extend({
    template: '#shop-component-sub_cat',

    props: ['item'],

    data: function() {
        return {
            item: {}

Vue.component('shop-component', shopComponent);
Vue.component('shop-component-sub_cat', shopComponentChild);

new Vue({
    el: 'body',

Step 2: HTML Part

source Code from index.html

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<template id="shop-component">
            <tr is="shop-component-sub_cat" v-for="item in products" :item="item"></tr>

<template id="shop-component-sub_cat">
        <td>{{ item.name }}</td>
        <td>{{ item.url }}</td>

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