Working with datetime in PHP Examples

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Today, We want to share with you Working with datetime in PHP Examples.In this post we will show you PHP Date & Time Function, hear for DateTime PHP: Compare, Format and Create any Dates we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about get date from datetime object php with an example.

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Working with datetime in PHP Examples

There are the Following The simple About Working with datetime in PHP Examples Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop PHP Date and Time Functions, so the Working with Mutable and Immutable DateTime in PHP for this example is following below.

Working with date in PHP

Method 1: PHP date() Function

echo "Today's date is :"; 
$today = date("d/m/Y"); 
echo $today; 

Method 2: date() function now

Formatting the Current Date and Time in PHP

// Output — 2020
echo date('Y');
// Output — September 2020
echo date('F Y');
// Output — 13 September, 2020
echo date('d F, Y');
// Output — 13 September, 2020 (Thursday)
echo date('d F, Y (l)');

Method 3: Get the Unix Timestamp

$ten_days_later = time() + 10*60*60*24;
// Output — It will be Sunday 10 days later.
echo 'Good Luck It will be'.date('l', $ten_days_later).' 10 days later.';
$ten_days_ago = time() - 10*60*60*24;
// Output — It was Monday 10 days ago.
echo 'Good Luck It was'.date('l', $ten_days_ago).' 10 days ago.';

Method 4: Dates Examples

PHP Adding, Subtracting and Comparing Dates

$current = date_create('now');
$nextdt = date_create('last day of January 2029');
$baktm = date_diff($current, $nextdt);
// Results — 05 years, 04 months and 17 days
echo $baktm->format('%Y years, %M months and %d days');
$current = new DateTime('now');
$nextdt = new DateTime('last day of January 2029');
$baktm = $current->diff($nextdt);
// Results — 05 years, 04 months and 17 days
echo $baktm->format('%Y years, %M months and %d days');

Method 5: Converting a Time Stamp

Converting a Time Stamp with date()

   print date("m/d/y G.i:s<br>", time());
   print "Good Luck, Today is ";
   print date("j of F Y, \a\t g.i a", time());

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