$_request in php – $_POST, $_GET,$_POST, and $_REQUEST Examples

$_request in php : PHP $_REQUEST is a super global variable. Like as a PHP : $_REQUEST, $_POST, $_GET – PHP. The PHP $_REQUEST Variable is used to read the data from the submitted HTML form.

$_request in php

$_request in php will stay the same but the method in the form will change to you preference from GET or POST.

The $_REQUEST variable

echo "



Syntax of $_REQUEST function

$_REQUEST[“element name”];

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Example of PHP: $_REQUEST

It’s used to collect data after submitting html forms – Example of $_REQUEST function in PHP.

Php contact form

* Member Name:
* Primary Email:
Mobile No:
A * indicates a field is required


echo "


echo $name;

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Full Example – $_request in php

      echo "You are ". $_REQUEST['member_age']. " years old.";

Name: Age:

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