advantages of mysql – Top 10 Major Advantages of Using MySQL

in advantages of mysql, Many people use this language because it has many benefits. Know what are the advantages of SQL.

advantages of mysql OR MySQL Features

advantages of mysql :-

  • MySQL can work with many programming and scripting languages. – For e.g. php, JAVA
  • MySQL is portable.
  • In this we can easily add other storage engines.
  • It can be worked on different platforms.
  • The storage engine of MySQL is very unique and hence its performance is also very high.

Features of MySQL Database

  • MySQL database is an open source database, which means that we do not need to take any permission from anyone to use it nor do we have to pay any kind of money, We can use it for free.
  • In MySQL we can store huge amount of data, we can store more than 5 million rows in a table.

Characteristics of MySQL

Its characteristics are as follows:-

  1. MySQL is built in C and C++.
  2. It works with many programming languages ​​and scripting language does. Like Java and PHP etc.
  3. Its performance is very high because its storage engine is very unique.
  4. MySQL can work on many different platforms
  5. multi layered server design is used in it.
  6. It is fully multi-threaded design has been done. So if more than one computer is available then MySQL can use them easily.
  7. It provides different types of transnational and non transnational engines.
  8. It has been tested with many compilers.
  9. It is portable. For portability,CMake is used But it has been used only in MySQL 5.5 and later versions.
  10. MySQL has not found any memory leak so far. It is tested with purify. Which is a famous leak tester.
  11. It uses binary tree disk tables which are very fast.
  12. You can easily add other storage engines.
  13. In this memory allocation system is based on thread and is very fast.
  14. It executes joins very fast. For this it uses optimized nested loop join.
  15. It implements in-memoryhash tables which are used as temporary tables .
  16. It implements SQL functions. It does this through the class library.
  17. In the client/server environment it presents the server as a separate program.

Advantages Of SQL

  • This language gives the facility to manipulate the data.
  • Can also describe user data.
  • Anyone can learn SQL Language easily.
  • Users can also store procedures, create views.
  • There are many types of DBMS Supporter like – MySQL, Oracle, MySQL Server and MS Access etc.
  • This language allows the user to access the data in the RDBMS.

Characteristics Of SQL
What are the features of SQL and what are the functions done by it, we will know further.

  • The database can be retrieved from SQL.
  • It serves to update the records in the database.
  • SQL is also used to create new databases.
  • SQL also serves to execute queries in the database.
  • This allows a new table to be created in the database.

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