disadvantages of mysql – MySQL advantages and disadvantages with Example

disadvantages of mysql, Just as SQL has many advantages, in the same way, SQL also has a-few disadvantages, know about its disadvantages.

MySQL disadvantages – What are the disadvantages of MySQL?

  • disadvantages of mysql
  • Complex Interface: SQL has a complex interface that makes a-few users uncomfortable while dealing with databases.
  • Developers may find a-few of its limitations extremely frustrating.
  • Due to a-few hidden business rules, full control over the database is not given.
  • It completely depends on Table Objects.
  • It suffers from poor performance scaling.
  • MySQL does not allow a extremely large database size as efficiently.
  • MySQL does not allow ROLE, COMMIT, as well as Stored procedures in versions less than 5.0.
  • Some versions of SQL are extremely expensive so programmers cannot access it.
  • The cost of a-few versions of SQL is extremely high, so it is difficult to create it.
  • The development or evolution is not section driven so it has lagged behind.
  • The performance or process tends to be heavily dependent on the addons.
  • The interface of this language is extremely difficult, due to which extremely few users are able to access it.
  • There are a few stability issues.
  • Transactions are not handled extremely efficiently.

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