Angularjs photo gallery

Today, We want to share with you angularjs photo gallery.In this post we will show you angularjs image gallery with thumbnails, hear for angularjs image gallery grid we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Angular Js Image Gallery With Thumbnails Responsive with an example.

Angularjs Image Gallery โ€“ Angular Super Image Gallery

In this post we will show you how to use Angularjs Image Gallery with demo and example. A feature-rich, touch-enabled image gallery component for Angular.

Advantages for Angularjs Image Gallery

  • isolated precise parts (modular, board as well as picture(photo))
  • numerous setup alternatives
  • full responsive (under settling)
  • wide as well as fit picture show mode
  • numerous picture sizes/thumbnail (for board) , medium (for picture), unique (for modular)
  • 3 worked in topics
  • 9 picture moves (CSS3 3D)
  • configurable console easy routes in modular window (keyCodes)
  • touch bolster

Install for Angularjs Image Gallery

npm install --save angular-super-gallery

bower install --save angular-super-gallery

webpack (CommonJS) supported

in Controller for Angularjs Image Gallery

this.showModal = false;
this.nature1Optionsgalary = {
baseUrl: "http://",
fields: {
source: {
modal: "link",
image: "medium",
: "thumbnail"

modal: {
wide: true,
transition: 'zoomInOut'

panel: {

thumbnail: {
class: "col-md-4 divs"

image: {

transition: 'fadeInOut'
this.websiteImages = [
"link": "",
"thumbnail": "",
"medium": "",
}, {
"link": "",
"thumbnail": "",
"medium": "",

HTML for Angularjs Image Gallery

<asg-image data-id="nature"></asg-image>

<asg-panel data-id="nature" data-options="ctrl.nature1Optionsgalary" data-items="ctrl.websiteImages"></asg-panel>

<asg-modal data-id="nature" data-visible="ctrl.showModal"></asg-modal>

How to Build Angularjs Image Gallery

  • npm install
  • typings install
  • gulp dev
  • gulp prod(minified css file and javascript )

what Todo

  • fix responsive read
  • angular element for img
  • photo zoom / drag / rotate
  • transitions fix in Microsoft Edge
  • photo data (original dimension and height / bytes)
  • photo preload fix
  • rotateLR transition fix in Firefox on mack (or someone fix the Firefox <img draggable="false" role="img" class="emoji" alt="emoji" src="">
  • publish package to npm (webpack support)
  • angular element for controls (play/stop/next/prev)
  • exit button should be visible on modal once menubar hidden
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Default keyboard shortcuts in modal window for Angularjs Image Gallery

  • F / ENTER : toggle fullscreen
  • H : toggle facilitate
  • RIGHT / area : forward
  • C : toggle caption
  • ESC : exit
  • M : toggle menu
  • LEFT : backward
  • W : toggle projection screen
  • UP / HOME : initial
  • DOWN / finish : last
  • P : play/pause

Transitions for Angularjs Image Gallery

  • slideTB
  • no
  • flipY
  • fadeInOut
  • rotateTB
  • zoomInOut
  • flipX
  • slideLR
  • rotateLR
  • rotateZY

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