Array to string conversion laravel 6/7/8 Best Examples

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array to string conversion laravel Using implode() function: Also it’s used to join the elements of an array.

array to string conversion laravel Example

some times some users Laravel collections converted to arrays, but best solution for the “array to string conversion laravel” We would suggest using the inbuilt PHP function like as a implode() method.

As per the docs:

$collection = collect([
    ['login_id' => 1, 'product' => 'Mobile'],
    ['login_id' => 2, 'product' => 'Laptop'],

$collection->implode('product', ', ');

// Mobile, Laptop


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How to convert array to string in laravel?

 print_r($request->product); //It is an array print

$product_json = json_encode($request->product); //array to json string conversion
echo  $product_json; // printing json string

print_r(json_decode($product_json)); //printing array after convert json string to array

exit; // exiting further some part of the execution to check resutls

Array to String Conversion in PHP Example

php Array to string conversion usign Using implode() function in Php . This function returns the string.

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//assigning value to the array  
$memebrsInfo = array("Hello","Pakainfo,","Krunal","Welcome !");  
echo implode(" ",$memebrsInfo);// Use of implode function  


Hello Pakainfo, Krunal Welcome !

Array to String Conversion in PHP

$players = array( 'virat', 'rohit', 'sachin' );
echo implode($players);

php array to string

// for one-dimentional arrays
$str = implode('|', $playersArr);	// "first|second|third"...

$str = json_encode($playersArr);
// or
$str = var_export($playersArr);

String to Array Conversion in PHP


$playersList = "dhara,bhavika,sejal,meera";
	print_r(explode(',', $playersList));
	 /// results  ///
    [0] => dhara
    [1] => bhavika
    [2] => sejal
    [3] => meera