array to json php – How to convert php array to json object with example?

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array to json php – The json_encode() function is an inbuilt function in PHP. It’s used to convert the value of the array into JSON data.

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array to json php – PHP Array to JSON Array using json_encode();

To convert String to JSON in PHP, use the json_encode() function. this function is useful to convert String to JSON object.

Example 1: php convert array to json object

  $websites = ['PHP', 'pakainfo', 'infinityknow', 'w3school', 'w3diy'];
  $websitesJSON = json_encode($websites);
  echo $websitesJSON;



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Example 2: php convert json object to associative array

  $websites = ['PHP', 'pakainfo', 'infinityknow', 'w3school', 'w3diy'];
  $websitesJSONObject = json_encode($websites, JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);
  echo $websitesJSONObject;



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Example 3: php convert object to array json_encode

  $details = ['name'=>'Ridham', 'blogname'=>''];
  $jsonDetails = json_encode($details);
  echo $jsonDetails;




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