Bulli Bai App 2024 – what was bulli bai app – Full Explained | What is Bulli Bai App Controversy?

What is Bulli Bai App : Friends During the weekend of New Year 2022, pictures of many women (especially Muslim women) were posted on Twitter with the caption (“Today’s your Bulli Bai is…”).

If you do not know what is the meaning of the photos which were posted in bulk on Twitter using tags like #BulliBai #BulliDeals, #SulliDeals and what is bulli bai app and why this matter so much on social media If it is going viral, then we will share all the things with you in this article, so stay in this article till the end.

Friends, technology is a power, by using it we can also benefit the society and we can also misuse it for our personal selfishness. Our misfortune is that many of us misuse it for our personal selfishness and also harm others directly or indirectly.

Before starting this article, I want to make a request to all of you, almost every one of you must have created your account on social media like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on Indian micro blogging app Koo etc.

So you must keep a lock on your profile and on almost every social media platform you will get the option to lock your profile so that all the information of your profile will not be able to see unknown people.

Otherwise it often happens that someone downloads the size of our photos on our profile or modifies our important information for their own benefit and posts it on social media. One such case is making a lot of headlines right now – the case is Bulli Bai App Controversy or Bulli Bai App Controversy.

Let’s know what is the whole matter of What is Bulli Bai app in hindi-

bulli bai app : What is bulli bai app case story?

What is Bulli Bai App :- Friends Bulli Bai App is an app developed by a group of people of India (most of whom are yet to be identified) to mislead people and earn financial profit.

In incidents such as a bully bye, celebs, cyber criminals take pictures of popular women, influencers, journalists etc from the internet as well as use them for their financial gain.

The purpose behind creating this app was to keep a list of Indian women (mostly Muslim women) for auction and earn money from them in return.

If you are wondering how this can be done, how such an auction can be done openly on social media, then let us tell you that these are fake auctions created by cybercriminals to trick users into thinking that / Confuses that they have got a woman instead of money.

Fortunately, no such actual auction incident has been reported so far.

  • Bulli bai app case explained: These online scammers or cybercriminals steal the pictures of these women from their social media accounts and list them on the platform.
  • So, it makes it mandatory for women (unfortunately) to always lock their profile or to make their profile private and my personal opinion is why only women should lock their public profile as well because The world of the Internet is huge and it is difficult to trace who is stealing or misusing our personal information from where.
  • So it is better to take your own safety in your own hands.
  • This ‘Bully By’ app was created on GitHub, the open software development site owned by Microsoft.
  • Profiles on the app included photos of victims and other personal details, which were being created and shared without the consent of the women. At present, Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav ji told that the bully by app user has been blocked by GitHub.
  • The police is investigating the matter. Also He said that GitHub platform itself has been informed to block the user on Sunday every morning.

when did you know about it?

As soon as several posts related to Bullyby app started doing the rounds on Twitter, soon after, the government directed the social media platform to remove such abusive posts with immediate effect and order to nab the culprits and take appropriate action against them. were given.

Behind Bulli Bai App – Neeraj Bishnoi

  • Bulli Bai app arrested: Just a few days ago, two students have been taken into custody in the Bulli Bai app case, one from Mumbai and one from Bangalore.
  • Apart from this, in the Bulli Bai App case, the Mumbai Police arrested an 18-year-old girl from Uttarakhand from Udham Singh Nagar district.
  • According to news reports, the accused woman Shweta Singh was allegedly acting on the instructions of a social media friend based in Nepal.
  • Preliminary information received from Shweta Singh revealed that a Nepali citizen named Jiyau was giving her directions on the app.
  • Assam Police traced Neeraj Bishnoi, the fourth accused in Bulli Bai App Case from Jorhat on Wednesday evening, within hours of sharing of information by Delhi Police.
  • According to police, 21-year-old Neeraj Bishnoi is the main conspirator in the case and was arrested on Thursday morning for his alleged involvement in the app, in which hundreds of Muslim women were listed for auction.

Who is Neeraj Bishnoi?

Bulli Bai App: According to news reports, Bishnoi, a resident of Jorhat, studies in Bhopal and Neeraj Bishnoi used to handle Bulli Bai’s main Twitter account along with being the creator of Bulli Bai App on GitHub.

A local police officer in Bhopal said that Bishnoi is an engineering student at VIT College in the state capital.

FAQ’s bulli bai app

Who has Blocked the Bulli Bai App?
Bulli Bai App Blocked by the Github Hosting Platform.

When Was The Bulli Bai App Launched?
On January 1, ‘Bulli Bai’ was released.

Conclusion – bulli bai app

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