CGPA Full Form – What is the full form of CGPA and how to calculate it?

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Therefor in today’s post I am going to tell you about cgpa. Because this question often arises in the mind of many CBSE pupils that how CGPA is calculated. And how can calculate Percentage from CGPA.

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CGPA Full Form – Method of calculating CGPA from Percentage

The full form of CGPA is “Cumulative Grade Point Average”. Which is called “average grade point”. CGPA is an educational grading system.

Which is used to measure the academic performance of the pupil in college, school. Explain that the method of calculating CGPA is different in all countries.

CGPA is in a method the closing average of the total marks obtained by the pupil in all the subjects in the examination. Which serves to show his performance. Now you must have appreciate the meaning of CGPA. Now let’s how to calculate it. Get to know about it.

Percentage CGPA Category
90 % – 100% A+ or O Excellent
79 % – 80 % A First class
50 % – 69 % B+ Second class
40 % – 49 % B Pass
Less than 39 % F Fail

How to Calculate CGPA?

For any pupil to calculate his CGPA, first of all he has to add the number found in the total subject. After that the number of subjects has to be divided by their number.

Simply, Let us recognize it with the useful help of an example.

Suppose there are 5 subjects in total and out of them your grades have come in some methods.

Subject 1:06
Subject 2:07
Subject 3:08
Subject 4:09
Subject 5:10
  • Add all the grade points found out of these like – 6+7+8+9+10= 40
  • Now divide 40 by the number of the subject which is 5. 40÷5=8
  • You have got number 8, this is your CGPA. Let us now know how to calculate its percentage.
  • To calculate the percentage from the CGPA, the number of CGPA will be multiplied by 9.5. i.e. 8×9.5=76℅
  • Now refer to the table below to calculate your grade in the obtained percentage.
Percentage CGPA
91-100 A+
81-90 A
71-80 B+
61-70 B
51-60 C+
41-50 C
33-40 D
21-30 E


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