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evs full form – EVS: Environmental Studies or Environmental Sciences. What is EVS?, What are biotic and abiotic components?, Why we study EVS? and Why is it important to save the environment.

What does EVS mean?

Environment is made up of two main elements biotic and abiotic. That is, the environment is made up of all that is around us.

For example, when we go to a park and all the living and non-living components we see around us, the environment has been made up of them.

In this article, we will tell you what EVS is and why EVS is studied.

main point

  • EVS Full Form
  • What is EVS
  • What are biotic and abiotic components
  • Why we study EVS
  • Why is it important to save the environment

EVS Full form

EVS ka full form, EVS full form is Environmental Studies, which is known as Environmental Studies.

evs full form
evs full form

Full Form of EVS in Academics

evs full form – Environmental Studies (EVS) is the interdisciplinary academic

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Other full forms of EVS acronym

  • European Voluntary Service
  • Electronic Variable Speed
  • Enhanced Vision System
  • Erdman Video Systems
  • Enterprise Visibility System
  • Ear Voice Span
  • Emergency Vehicle Service
  • Exposure Value System
  • Extra-Vehicular Suit
  • Electronic Village Systems
  • Electronic Videogame Store
  • Eritrea Video Services
  • Electronic Vehicle Stability

EVS Meaning (Governmental)

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a European Commission scheme that encourages 18–30 year olds to take up long-term volunteer work in Europe.

What is EVS?

EVS kya hai, EVS kya hota, meaning what is the study of environment called?

The physical, chemical and biological factors of the environment are present all around us. who form our lives and ways of living.

evs full form

The study of the environment is often combined with the science of ecology.

That is, in simple words, the study of the mutual relationship of the living community with the environment is considered as environmental study.

But the study of environment is like studying the whole world. Environment is mainly the study of the environment which affects the way of life of living beings.

What are biotic and abiotic components?

Biological components – The biological components of the environment include insects, microbes, all kinds of animals, plants and all the biological activities and processes associated with them.

abiotic components- Non-living elements and processes associated with them are included in the abiotic components of the environment.

For example, in addition to rocks, rivers, mountains, the elements of air and climate are called abiotic components.


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Subjects of EVS:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Ethics
  3. Geography
  4. Natural Resource Management
  5. Policy
  6. Politics
  7. Pollution Control
  8. Urban Planning

Why study of EVS is important?

Why should we study EVS or why should we study?

UGC i.e. University Grants Commission has issued orders to start studies related to environmental science in the year 2019-20 courses.

According to these instructions, all universities and colleges will include diploma course in environmental science for the students doing graduation.

The main objective of the course study will be that the young generation should be aware of environmental protection.

Along with this, it will be the work of universities and colleges to provide awareness among the students about the protection of environment.

The study of environment is very easy and interesting subject. What is the environment, why environmental protection is important and how the environment can be conserved, these important things have been included in the third grade syllabus in schools.

The full name of EVS course taught in schools is Environment Studies. Children are studying these important things related to EVS i.e. environment along with other subjects.

The biggest advantage of this will be that children will grow up knowing why it is necessary to protect the environment and most importantly, how environmental protection can be done.

Apart from this, at present, questions related to EVS up to 35 numbers are asked in every government exam.

Why environmental protection is important?

Man gets all the resources for living life from the environment. In which the main elements of the environment are soil, water, air, organisms and solar energy.

Air, water, earth and living beings also make up the environment.

At present, environmental problems such as pollution, constant change in climate have become a problem for the whole world.

If we look at a study, if such negative changes keep happening in the environment, then the time is not far when we will stop getting fresh air.

Human beings are the main reason for tampering with the environment. We need to change the way we live our lives to a great extent.

Therefore, the time has come to take the problems related to environmental protection and environmental management seriously.

Career options in Environmental Studies:

  • Director of Waste Management
  • Environment Journalist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Lecturer
  • Wildlife Film-maker
  • Wildlife or environmental photographer

Other full forms of EVS

Full Forms Categories
Ear Voice Span Academic & Science
Earth Vine Sky General
Eastern Vascular Society Physiology
Ed von Schleck General
Electronic Variable Speed Stock Exchange
Electronic Vehicle Stability Transportation
Electronic Video Store Electronics
Electronic Village Systems Companies & Firms
Emergency Vehicle Service Law & Legal
Enhanced Vision System General
Enterprise Visibility System General
Equipment Visibility System NASA
Erdman Video Systems Companies & Firms
Eritrea Video Services News & Media
European Voluntary Service Military
Exome Variant Server General
Exposure Value System General
Extra-Vehicular Suit Clothing

Purpose of Environmental Studies

To know about the interdependence and relations of nature and to develop the society.
To help him in understanding the issues of environment.
To encourage eco friendly attitude.
To develop sensitivity towards the social and physical environment.
Introducing children to their real world.
To develop knowledge of environment and society.
Promote observation and positive actions.

All About EVS

In today’s article, we have learned that the environment includes all that affects our daily life and activities related to it.

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we shared interesting information with you like

  • EVS Full Form?
  • what is evs?
  • why it is important to protect the environment
  • why EVS subject has been included in our courses.

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