Top 10 Great Cloud Storage File Sharing Services

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Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Great Cloud Storage File Sharing Services.
In this post we will show you cloud service offerings Top Cloud File Sharing Solutions, hear for Top 10 Best Cloud Providers we will give you demo google cloud storage vs s3 and companies that offer cloud computing services example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about The Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services best cloud computing services with an example.

Cloud Storage with Price List

We highlight and Price Top 10 Great cloud providers for new consumers and some imdb uniq businesses.These top 10 cloud computing companies will Information keep Ours IMP Data some files protection, security, safe and accessible storages top cloud computing service providers online.

Top 10 Great Cloud Storage File Sharing Services
Top 10 Great Cloud Storage File Sharing Services

best cloud service providers

1. Dropbox

Veteran online cloud storages provider & cloud service provider

  1. Business features including collaboration
  2. But you only start with 2GB total free Online Data Storages
  3. Referrals get you extra Online Data Storages

Cloud Price:

  • 2GB total free.
  • 1TB for $10 a month (£6.58, approximately AU$11) with Dropbox Plus
  • 2TB for $19.99 a month (£15, approximately AU$27) with Dropbox Professional

2. Google Drive

  1. Web interface best cloud storage for business
  2. Integrated with smart Phone Android devices
  3. lots of total free storage

Cloud Price:

  • 15GB total free.
  • 10TB for $99.99 a month (£74, approximately AU$130).
  • 1TB for $9.99 a month (£8, approximately AU$13).
  • 100GB for $1.99 a month (£1.59, approximately AU$2.50).

3. Mega

Puts a premium on Clouds Storages security with cloud computing services providers

  1. Sync client is open source
  2. Extremely generous total free offering
  3. Easy-to-use UI

Cloud Price:

  • 50GB total free(hackerrank).
  • 200GB for $6 a month (£4.50, €4.99, approximately AU$7.50).
  • 1TB for $12 a month (£9, €9.99, approximately AU$16).
  • 4TB for $23 a month (£17, €19.99, approximately AU$30).
  • 8TB for $35 a month (£26, €29.99, approximately AU$46).

4. OneDrive

  1. Integrated directly into Windows (eastershandcarwash)
  2. Free storage is only 5GB
  3. File restoration features

Cloud Price:

  • 5GB total free.( firebase vs heroku )
  • 50GB for $3 a month (£1.99, approximately AU$4).
  • 1TB for $8 a month (£5.99, approximately AU$11).
  • 5TB for $11 a month (£7.99, approximately AU$14)

5. iCloud

Apple’s some competitively priced online cloud storage locker

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Tight integration with Apple’s platforms
  3. Only 5GB storage for total free

Cloud Price:

  • 5GB total free.
  • 50GB for $0.99 a month (£0.79, AU$1.49).
  • 200GB for $2.99 (£2.24, AU$4).
  • 2TB for $9.99 (£8, AU$13)

6. Box

    Well-known service online Cloud Storage with some powerful business options

  1. Supported by many apps
  2. Free account file upload limit of 250MB
  3. Business plans with advanced security

Cloud Price:

  • 10GB total free.
  • 100GB for approximately $10 a month (£7.50, approximately AU$13)

7. NextCloud

    DIY online cloud storage

  1. Innovative self-hosting
  2. Tailor your online cloud locker to your requirements
  3. Preconfigured phases available

Cloud Price:

  • Free to install and use.
  • Self-hosting so storage costs vary.
  • NextCloud Box is $79.99 (approximately £60, approximately AU$100)

8. SpiderOak

A ‘zero domain knowledge’ online cloud storage provider

  1. Tight security
  2. Plenty of native clients with plans
  3. Limited total free offering

Cloud Price:

  • 21-day total free trial.
  • 150GB for $5 a month (approximately £3.75, AU$7).
  • 400GB for $9 a month (approximately £7, AU$11.50).
  • 2TB for $12 a month (approximately £9, AU$15).
  • 5TB for $25 a month (approximately £19, AU$33)

9. IDrive

Storage solution Cloud which extends to cover some new generated network drives

  1. handy if disaster some strikes
  2. Free offering only gives you 5GB
  3. Broad range of file/media sharing Futures

Cloud Price:

  • 5GB total free.
  • Personal: 2TB for $52 a year (approximately £40, AU$66).
  • Business: 250GB for $74.62 a year (approximately £56, AU$98)

10. pCloud

Ideal for Cloud Storage large media some large files

  1. Up to 20GB of total free personal cloud
  2. Lots of the bandwidth limits apply
  3. Neat privacy and security advantages

Cloud Price:

  • Up to 20GB total free.
  • 2TB for $7.99 a month (approximately £6, AU$10).
  • 500GB for $3.99 a month (approximately £3, AU$5).

Unlimited plans: free unlimited cloud storage

  • 2TB for 350$ (approximately £262, AU$460).
  • 500GB for 175$ (approximately £131, AU$230).
Top 10 Great Cloud Storage
Top 10 Great Cloud Storage

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