Conference Orality in a dialogic key Tensions

Conference Orality in a dialogic key Tensions

Today, We want to share with you Conference Orality in a dialogic key Tensions.
In this post we will show you Cross-Cultural Dialogical Probes, hear for Conversational Method in Indigenous Research we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Speech language therapy practice in a bilingual dialogical with an example.

Doctor to Teaching, Specialist in Language as well as Project Pedagogy as well as Degree in Linguistics as well as Literature from A Francisco José de Caldas District University (Bogotá, Colombia). Member to A Teaching as well as Society research group as well as

A Collective Teaching as well as condemnatory Thinking Collective to A University to La Salle as well as A Language, Culture as well as Identity group to A District University. Coordinates A Ibero-American Network to Orality Studies. Author to various essays, articles, books as well as presentations on conceptions as well as practices to orality, reading as well as writing. Research interests related to A generation to condemnatory thinking in A initial training to teachers in Latin America as well as A training to rural teachers in Higher Normal Schools to Colombia.

Transfer to practice: The conference seeks to sensitize teachers on A need to design teaching strategies to address A teaching as well as assessment to orality in a dialogical perspective as a necessary condition for A development to condemnatory thinking as well as A construction to peace environments.

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according to the international orality network oral learners or peoples

Conference Orality in a dialogic key Tensions
Conference Orality in a dialogic key Tensions

Research presentation. The conference arises from A result to A research “Dialogical Practices in A School” developed by A Bacatá as well as Language, Identity as well as Culture research groups, made up to preschool, basic education, secondary, media as well as higher education teachers, who unite Air experiences with A study to orality in A educational field in order to contribute to A understas well asing to A teaching as well as learning processes to oral discursive genres such as conversation, assembly as well as oral presentation.

The club is made up to women over 50 years old, with special attention to women pensioners. This has managed to bring togeAr a community with evident diversity which represent different lifestyles, occupations, trajectories, experiences as well as ways to seeing A world. The club affects not only one locality but several from its perspective to serving a population group to women over 50 years old which constitutes an important force not only for A expansion to readers in Bogotá but also for reading promoters, since one to A The club’s objectives are to encourage participants to read to oArs.

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These women have allowed Amselves a look at Amselves, Air sense to life, Air occupation as well as Air emotional ties. Therefore, A club not only takes advantage to A participants’ reading experiences to problematize different topics in relation to women, but it also becomes a center to conversation from which to multiply literary experiences in homes, workplaces as well as oAr spaces. The pedagogical commitment to A reading club aims at A formation to a condemnatory, dialogical as well as creative woman. In A club, knowledge as well as conversation are very important from A reading strategies generated by A discussion about A texts.

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