Credit Card – Know How to Apply Online/Offline

Credit Card – Many people do not know what is a credit card, what are the types of credit card, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using credit card and how to apply for credit card.

We have taken this article for you to answer many questions related to your credit card correctly, through this article we will give you complete information about credit card so that you know what is a credit card.

If you have an account in any bank, then you must know how many facilities the bank gives to its customers such as ATM card (Debit Card), mobile banking, net banking etc. One of these facilities is the credit card.

The use of credit cards is gradually increasing very much but even then many people do not have complete knowledge about credit cards. If you also do not know about credit cards, then there is nothing to worry about.

In this article, we have given you credit card information in very easy language, so that you will know. Let’s start this article without delay, What is Credit Card?.

What is Credit Card?

A credit card is a special type of card provided by the bank to its customer, in which the bank gives special facilities to its customers. The credit card can be either Visa, Mastercard and Rupay.

Within the credit card, the bank gives you a limit of a certain amount based on your income, which you can use for online shopping and offline shopping, and can also be withdrawn if needed.

If you withdraw money from credit card, then you have to pay it to the bank with interest but if you make purchases only with credit card then you do not have to pay any interest to the bank, that means the amount of money you spent is returned to the bank. have to do.

Overall, a credit card is a loan given by the bank to its customers, with the help of which they can make purchases. And every month this loan has to be paid back to the bank.

Type of Credit Card?

There can be many types of credit cards, some of the major types of credit cards are as follows –

1 – Shopping Credit Card

Shopping credit cards are used for shopping. With the help of this credit card, you can get discount on online and offline purchases.

2 – Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards are used for all types of travel. This credit card is best for those who are fond of traveling.

3 – Entertainment Credit Card

Credit cards that provide discounts and offers on entertainment-related expenses are called Entertainment Credit Cards. With this credit card you can buy movie tickets, amusement park tickets etc.

4 – Reward Credit Card

Rewards credit card is a card in which the bank gives you some reward for every rupee you spend.

5 – Secured Credit Card

Banks give secured credit cards by depositing an amount equal to the credit limit to people who have a poor credit score.

6. chase credit card

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7. discover student card

discover it student cash back : Discover student credit cards help earn cash back rewards, college students build credit history and learn healthy credit behavior for discover student credit card.

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How Do Credit Cards Work?

Whenever you make a purchase and pay off the credit card, the bank pays the seller to whom the bank owes you, and you have to pay this loan back to the bank every month.

If you do not pay the credit card bills on time, the bank charges you some percentage of interest in return. There is a limit on the credit card according to which you can make purchases. The bank determines your credit card limit according to the transactions happening in your account.

Benefits of credit card

The benefits of using a credit card are as follows –

  1. Even if you do not have money in your bank account, you can pay the bill anywhere with the help of credit card.
  2. With the help of different types of credit cards, you can get discounts on different items. such as booking
  3. with a travel credit card, shopping with a shopping credit card
  4. With credit card you can manage your regular expenses.
  5. Your credit score improves if you pay the money spent on your credit card on time.
  6. With the help of credit card, you can take any expensive thing in easy installments.
  7. There is no need to pay interest on credit cards.
  8. In case of emergency, you can also take a loan with a credit card.

disadvantages of credit card

While on the one hand there are many advantages of using a credit card, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as –

  • If the credit card bill is not paid on time, the bank has to pay interest.
  • Even if you withdraw money from credit card, the bank has to pay heavy interest.
  • Excessive use of credit cards increases the debt in the bank, which can affect savings.
  • Most of the credit cards have an annual charge which has to be paid by the card holder.

How to make a credit card online?

There are some basic conditions or qualifications for getting a credit card which are as follows –

  1. Applicant’s age should be more than 18 years.
  2. Must have a regular source of income to pay the credit card bills.
  3. Credit score should not be wasted.

As well as, all banks have different qualifications for different customers, on the basis of which they give credit cards.

how to apply for credit card?

Due to the increasing demand for credit cards, banks have made it very easy to apply for a credit card. You can apply for a credit card both online, from mobile and by going to an offline bank.

How to apply for credit card online?

  • To apply for credit card online, first you have to go to the online portal of the concerned bank.
  • After this, you will have to find the form containing the credit card application in it and enter your basic information like name, address. Phone number etc. have to be filled. And you have to give full details of your account.
  • As ID proof, you can use Voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhar card, Passport etc.
  • After applying for the credit card, within a few days you will get a call from the bank agent and he will tell you the complete further action.

How to apply for credit card offline?

Applying for an offline credit card is very easy. For this, you have to go to your bank and talk to the branch manager. The bank manager will tell you the entire process of applying for a credit card.


What is a credit card?

A credit card is a card provided by the bank to its customers, under which the card holder can use the money for shopping, paying bills on the basis of the credit limit given by the bank. You have to pay the amount used by the bank’s credit card every month.

How many types of credit cards are there?

Credit cards can be of different types such as shopping credit cards, travel credit cards, fuel credit cards, rewards credit cards, secured credit cards, entertainment credit cards, etc.

What should be the salary for credit card?

The terms and conditions of different banks are also different, so you can go to the bank to find out whether you can get a credit card based on your salary or not.

What is the minimum amount due on a credit card?

Minimum Due Amount is a small amount of the total outstanding due amount by paying which late payment penalty can be avoided.

How long does it take to get a credit card?

Credit card is generated within 48 to 72 hours after applying.

How to check balance in credit card?

You can check the credit card balance through monthly credit card statement or by logging into the credit card’s net banking account or using the bank’s official app.

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