Debian vs CentOS vs FreeBSD – Comparison

Today, We want to share with you Debian vs CentOS vs FreeBSD.In this post we will show you freebsd vs debian, hear for freebsd vs centos we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Whats Is Better And Why? Linux Centos Vs Ubuntu with an example.

Debian vs CentOS vs FreeBSD

Debian is an ultra-stable version of the OS. This is one of the oldest versions of Linux Operating system,but it often seems old because it lacks lots of the quality characteristic. Debian is the base on which Ubuntu and Min tare built, though they both add their own, unique software.

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Debian vs CentOS vs FreeBSD

And those two are the two biggest Linux distributions right now. What do you think of CentOS? If you really want me two cents, I don’t think much of the OS. This is supposed to be ultra-stable and secure. Linux in and of itself is very secure. CentOS is widely used on web servers. CentOS is short for a community enterprise operating system.

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That means its developers are not paid to support the product, improve it or fix holes. So it is like Slackware but a little bigger,at risk of disappearing when the team supporting it for free decides that no longer is worth the brownie points it puts on their resumes. CentOS has a slow update system and fewer releases overall.

why does it still exist?

It is essentially the free version of RedHat Linux Operating system. As well as Red Hat is one of the popular names in Linux Operating system. What do you think of FreeBSD? This is such as the Wikipedia of software development.There are person who create content and person who maintain it and others who test. And no one person owns it. FreeBSD maintains all of its code version sin a repository where anyone can access it for free. I’d be surprised if they charged for it. So if you want to download two versions back of the OS, that’s fine. Windows could make a killing if they figured out how to let person keep Windows XP for a modest price and get fixes in a timely manner. Because they don’t, that’s why Linux istaking off.

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