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Donald trump twitter, 45th president of United States of America. His full name is Donald John Trump. Let us read about the biography of Donald Trump which depicts his early life news, jr twitter, melania twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Websites, Facebook Pages, Comments and Archive News, family(Parents and Siblings), education, Trump’s Real Estate and Businesses, political career, Wealth, awards and recognition, Tax Returns, “Trump University”, books written by him etc.


Twitter account of @realDonaldTrump from Washington, DC, Joined March 2009– MR. Donald trump’s personal Instagram of the

“45th President of the United States of America”

Account Name Donald J. Trump
Account Link
Account ID @realDonaldTrump
Profile Slogan 45th President of the United States of America
Location Washington, DC
Joined Date Joined March 2009
Followers 80.8M*
Following 46*

Profile images and banners on Twitter

profile images on Donald trump twitter
trump twitter

banners images on Donald trump twitter

trump twitter

Donald Trump Biography

There are the following the List of Mr. Donald Trump Biography, Political Profile And Personal Information.

Born June 14, 1946
in New York City, New York, USA
Birth Name Donald John Trump
Nicknames The Don
The Donald
The Trumpster
Mr. Brexit
Teflon Don
The Reality TV President
President Donald Trump
President Trump
Donald Dennison
Tariff Man
Height 6′ 2¾” (1.9 m)
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Life partner

Melania Trump 22 January 2005 –
present) ( 1 child)
Marla Maples 19 December  1993 –
8 June  1999) ( divorced) ( 1 child)
Ivana Trump 9 April  1977 –
22 March  1992) ( divorced) ( 3 children)

Donald Trump Timeline

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Donald Trump Timeline

Donald Trump 2020 tweets

Donald Trump tweets have enhance a origin of details. For some, Trump’s tweets are oppose a line since he is using the policy to obvious official actions as well as some great decisions. For More, he keeps using the tweets as he has done in any case: as he agreeable no affair what. Although, all the data is data and these are the complete native tweets Donald Trump has shared memory so far in 2020:

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Donald Trump 2020 tweets

The total information about Pakainfo report about how Donald Trump tweets in 2020 also displays that this is the most good record breaked liked as well as most great retweeted tweet he has data shared memory this 2020 year:

Evolution of tweets sent by Donald Trump since 2009

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Evolution of tweets sent by Donald Trump since 2009

How many RTs and likes did Donald Trump generate?

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How many RTs and likes did Donald Trump generate?

Is Donald Trump’s love-hate Link with Twitter on the tower of strength?

The president’s of United States account is a 24/7 opening into his spirit, with even his temper at having his pole revised communicated via tweet

It has been one of the lovely love relationship in American politics.

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Since joining Twitter more than a decade ago, Donald Trump has accumulated 52,000 tweets or retweets and 80 million followers. He uses the policy to threaten warfare, mercenaries and fire crews, provoking goats to perceived enemies and part division. Twitter, which did not exist 15 years ago, has enhance one of the most well-known companies in the world, the first major draft of the president’s history.

Donald Trump Twitter archive and stats

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Donald Trump Twitter archive and stats

So, now the lovely love relationship is on the big rocks.

For the first time, Twitter added a factual tag to two of Trump’s tweets this week when he made unfounded claims of fraud in mail-in voting. The president on Thursday threatened social media companies with new free speech rules with an executive order.

Asked if he considered deleting his account, Trump replied: “If we had a fair press in this country, I would do so wholeheartedly.” Instead of getting rid of my entire twitter account I am doing nothing. ”

A day later, in another first, Twitter hid a tweet behind a warning by Trump accusing him of breaking his rule of “glorifying violence” in a comments stating protests in Minneapolis Will be looted The president is out again – naturally – in a tweet, complaining: “Twitter is doing nothing about the lies as well as propaganda being done by Country in East Asia China or the inherent Left Democratic Party.” He has focused Republicans, rightist as well as the prime minister of the United States.

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Does Donald Trump tweet from an iPhone or Android?

Source Number of tweets
Twitter for Android 14,753
Twitter for iPhone 13,338
Twitter Web Client 12,952
TweetDeck 527
TwitLonger Beta 502
Twitter Media Studio 324

What hashtags does Donald Trump use when he tweets?

Hashtag Number of tweets
#trump2016 926
#makeamericagreatagain 558
#maga 320
#celebapprentice 301
#celebrityapprentice 165

Media and Trump’s tweets

Media Number of tweets
Barack Obama 795
Fox News 735
Fox & Friends 628
CelebApprentice 425
Mitt Romney 352
CNN 350

Interesting facts about Donald Trump in Twitter

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Interesting facts about Donald Trump in Twitter

Sentiment analysis of Trump Twitter

Donald Trump twitter Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Pakainfo. Donald Trump twitter Blogs, Comments and Archive News on
Sentiment analysis of Trump Twitter