E Marketing – Digital Marketing The Ultimate Guide 2024

E Marketing – The full name of E Marketing (E Marketing full form = Electronic Marketing) is Electronic Marketing. And E marketing means internet marketing. What is e-marketing today and how do we do it? Today we are going to tell you all the knowledge about this, so you have to read this information carefully.

What is E Marketing? Features, Types & Advantages

In today’s internet world, all the work is happening online. So now everyone’s attention is not only on marketing but on online marketing i.e. internet marketing. These “online marketing” and marketing of a product done on the Internet is called electronic marketing i.e. E-marketing.

In today’s time, the use of e-marketing has increased a lot and the reason behind this is the rapid promotion of any offline or online product through the Internet. That’s why you must take information about e-marketing because it is not just online marketing but today’s trend.

Bets 7 ways to use Internet marketing

  1. Attract qualified leads
  2. Build brand awareness
  3. Convert leads (or drive sales)
  4. Generate website traffic
  5. Improve customer satisfaction
  6. Nurture leads
  7. Reduce churn

What is e marketing ?

The full form of e-marketing (electronic marketing) is electronic marketing, which is called electronic marketing in English.

E-marketing is also called internet marketing, digital marketing, website marketing and online marketing.

In this type of Internet marketing, a variety of techniques are used to connect online users to a product and service, in which online marketing of a product and service is done through the Internet.

Marketing is done through email, website, wireless media like mobile and internet in e-marketing. There are many ways to do e-marketing through the Internet, which every company uses according to its product.

E-marketers at Due North in Australia tell us that to market any product, first of all it is necessary to make the right plan.

Types of E-Marketing

We have understood what is e-marketing and what it means, let us know how many types of e-marketing are there and how they are used, today you will get complete knowledge about electronic marketing. –

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Apps Marketing
  3. Article Marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. Content marketing
  6. Email marketing/Newsletters
  7. Podcasts
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Sponsorships and paid promotions
  10. Website content and design
  11. Video Marketing
  12. SEO Marketing
  13. search engine marketing
  14. Webinars
  15. Online ads

Affiliate Marketing

When a company wants to promote any of its products and services and takes the help of any blog and website for online marketing or e-marketing of this product, then this process is called Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, the company creates an affiliate link (referral link) of its product and gives it to the marketing owner of a website and when an online user buys the company’s product, in return, the website owner or blog owner gets a commission.

You can also earn a lot of money by creating your own affiliate blog and giving an affiliate link of a product on your blog, but for this you have to bring traffic to your blog in the beginning.

Apps Marketing

If there is a company that uses an app to do e-marketing of its product, then this type of marketing is called apps marketing. App marketing is considered to be the best way for internet marketing and online marketing in today’s time.

Marketing through apps has become a trend nowadays as the main objective of this is the increasing smartphone users all over the world at this time. That’s why big companies market their products by making apps.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s time, social media marketing is heavily used because people use social media more and keeping these things in mind, companies resort to social media marketing to reach their products and services to the people.

Social media is such a platform where every person can easily share his point and thoughts and can reach his thoughts to millions of people in a short time.

In today’s time, many social media options are available in the market, in which Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Telegram and YouTube are prominent. Popular social media advertising platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Facebook alone is the largest social media platform. You can find out about its popularity in the same way that it has bought WhatsApp and Instagram and now Facebook is a parent company for WhatsApp and Instagram.

Email marketing/Newsletters

Marketing of any product through email is called email marketing. Marketing of a product through email is the easiest and cheapest and hence companies use email marketing to promote their products and services. is used as the first option.

Through email marketing, the company transmits information about its product to a customer and then if the customer is interested in that product or service, then buys the product through the direct purchase link and this process continues. some of the most popular Email marketing ones are:

  1. Customer service
  2. Follow up
  3. Loyalty/rewards
  4. Newsletters
  5. Promotions
  6. Recommendations

Youtube videos marketing

Video Marketing: Video marketing is considered a good option to convey information about any product to the customer and give good information about the product and video marketing is the best option from the perspective of e-marketing.

With which you can give information about any product in one video. And through the youtube platform, you can reach information about your product to millions of customers.

Nowadays, YouTube is the best platform for video marketing, where you can do e-marketing of any product by creating your YouTube channel. You can approach any company for this work. If you want, you can earn money from YouTube by creating your own channel.

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing means search engine optimization marketing. You can do SEO marketing for online marketing of your product.

If you want to bring traffic from search engines to your business websites for free. And want to scale your business as much as possible on the internet, then SEO marketing can be the best option for you.

search engine marketing

With search engine marketing, you can quickly and accurately convey the brand awareness of your product to online users on the Internet.

So that people can quickly reach about your website. Using SEO, you can rank your blog and website on the first page of google or other search engine.

The more you rank on the search engine results page, the faster your business website will scale on the Internet and the online marketing of your website will start becoming very fast.

benefits of e marketing / E-Marketing Advantages

Just like everything has advantages and disadvantages, in the same way there are advantages and disadvantages of e-marketing, let us know what are the advantages of e-marketing –

E-Marketing Advantages

  1. Accessibility
  2. Cost-Efficient
  3. Greater Data Collection
  4. Greater Exposure of your Product
  5. Instant Response
  6. Interactive
  7. Less Risky
  8. Way to Personalized Marketing
  • Through e-marketing, a company can advertise its product for 24 hours because users are available 24 hours on the Internet from every corner of the world.
  • So the customer can buy the product anytime and it will benefit the company.
  • By using e-marketing, information about the product can be given to the customer at any time.
  • The ongoing updates about any product can be available to the customer at any time through the internet.
  • The customer can take help support at the company’s website at any time.
  • E-marketing is a cheaper option than any other offline marketing program.

Disadvantages of E-Marketing

  1. Higher Transparency & Price Competition
  2. Maintenance Cost
  3. Privacy & Security Issues
  4. Technology Dependent
  5. Worldwide Competition

The disadvantages are less as compared to the advantages of e marketing because it is the cheapest option as compared to any offline marketing but if you want to do it on a large scale then you will need more capital.

If you want to run a big ad campaign for your business, then you can spend more money in website design, software development and product template.

Features of E-Marketing

  1. E-marketing is Cheaper than Traditional Marketing
  2. Tangible ROI
  3. 24/7/365 Approach
  4. Eliminate Follow-up Failure

Note: E-marketing is the best option to scale any online business and offline business. If you have an offline business then you can make your business big and touch the heights of success by using e-marketing.

Summary: e marketing

Today, what is e marketing? and how to use it? What are the types of e-marketing and how and where are they used? And have taken detailed information about the benefits of using e-marketing. I hope that you must have liked this information given about e-marketing.

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