eadhar aadhar card link with mobile number using uidai

Question: How can I link my mobile number with eadhar Aadhar card?, how to update mobile number with uidai?, what is uidai?, How can I check my Aadhar card details?If you want to update or change your mobile number in uidai Aadhaar card, then you can apply online new Delhi. It is necessary to link your mobile number with uidai Aadhaar card. In this case, if you have changed your mobile number and have not updated it in uidai Aadhaar, get it done as soon as possible. You can apply for updates from mobile right from home. For this, you only have to pay a fee of 25 rupees.

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Mobile number update process

  • First of all, go to uidai official website https://ask.uidai.gov.in/#//. After this, fill your phone number and captcha on the next open page.
  • After this, click on Send OTP button and proceed to OTP on your phone number. Submit the OTP on your phone by filling in the box on the right.
  • After this, the next page will open where the uidai download eadhar Aadhaar service will be written. Click here on update or change basis. After this, a page will open in front of you. Here you will see options for name, eadhar Aadhar card, address.
  • Here whatever you want to change is to discontinue the mobile number, or if you want to link the phone number to uidai download Aadhaar, then you fill the details here and click on what do you want to update or change, after which you select the mobile number and submit it.
  • Now on the next page you will be asked to fill the captcha. Finished this process by sending OTP to your phone number here, as well as verify the OTP on your mobile number. Then click on Save and Proceed.
  • A notification will come to you before submitting. In this, double check all the information given by you. Submit after this.
  • Then after that you book your appointment. You can do this by clicking on ‘Book Appointment’. Click here to know the process of appointment booking
  • Now you have to go to the base center in the next Phase. Here you will be charged 25 rupees as fees. After this your number will be updated.

How to link Aadhaar to mobile number

As per the order given by the Supreme Court, it has been made mandatory by the government to link eadhar Aadhaar with its mobile number. This Phase has been taken to eliminate the combination issued on fake documents. Linking a mobile number with your uidai Aadhaar is a free process. There are two methods to re-verify the mobile number with uidai Aadhaar. For online as well as offline link to uidai Aadhaar from mobile number follow the following way:

How to Link Aadhar with Mobile Number through IVRS & OTP (eadhar aadhar card)

Mobile peoples can simple click the link their number to eadhar Aadhaar as well as verify it again through OTP. However, only those peoples whose mobile numbers are already linked with their uidai Aadhaar will be able to use it. The consumer has to follow the offline process of linking the uidai Aadhaar to the mobile number by visiting their SIM card with a vendor or visiting the store if their mobile number is not linked with uidai Aadhaar. Here’s how you can link uidai download Aadhaar with your mobile number via OTP:

Phase 1: Call 14546 * from your mobile number.
Phase 2: Choose whether you are Indian or NRI
Give your agreement to verify the base again by pressing Phase 3: 1
Phase 4: Fill your 12-digit uidai download Aadhaar number as well as confirm it by pressing 1
Phase 5: This generates an OTP which is sent to the registered mobile number
Phase 6: Give agreement to your any type of the operator to get your User name, passport size photo as well as DOB(Date of Birth) from UIDAI
Phase 7: IVR reads the last 4 digits of your mobile number
Phase 8: If it is all the data correct, enter the get the OTP
Phase 9: Press 1 to Finished the process

Go to the vendor / store and link the mobile number with Aadhaar

According to the government and the Supreme Court, it is and then mandatory to link the eadhar Aadhaar card to the SIM card number. To link your uidai Aadhaar with your phone number, you have to go to your mobile network store. Follow the procedure given below to easily link your uidai Aadhaar number to mobile number:

Phase 1: Go to the center / store of your mobile network
Phase 2: Take a passport size photo copy of your uidai download Aadhaar card
Phase 3: Enter your mobile number
Phase 4: The center worker has to send an OTP to the mobile number to be linked to uidai Aadhaar
Phase 5: Tell OTP to user for verification
Phase 6: And then give your fingerprint to the users
Phase 7: You will receive a confirmation SMS from your mobile network
Phase 8: Answer “Y” by completing the E-KYC process

official portal of Aadhar

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log in by mobile number

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received OTP

aadhar card download by name and date of birth

show you the Aadhaar services

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Eneter Name, Aadhaar Number, Resident Type

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select ‘Mobile Number’ under

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click on ‘Send OTP’ & verify the received OTP ‘Save and Proceed’.

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Full Crosscheck

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Success Screen And Get Appointment id

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click the ‘Book Appointment’

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list of nearby enrollment centers

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click on confirm & get an Application form in PDF format

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Documents needed to link Aadhaar to your mobile number

Only a photocopy of your uidai download eadhar Aadhaar card is needed as the only needed document to connect your uidai Aadhaar with a mobile connection. You are not needed to give any other document, residence certificate or identity proof for this purpose.

Related Questions – eadhar aadhar card

questions. What is the fee to link mobile number with Aadhaar?
Answer: Mobile subscribers are not charged by telecom operators for linking mobile numbers with uidai Aadhaar. It is free.

questions. Can we link Aadhaar with mobile number online?
Answer: Currently, there is no provision to connect uidai eadhar Aadhaar to online SIM cards. However, you can link it offline, via IVR or via OTP.

questions. How to link Aadhar card to mobile number?
Answer: You register your mobile number with uidai Aadhaar card and submit the form by going to an enrollment center. With this Rs 30 A fee has to be paid and no documents are needed for this purpose.

questions. What will be the result if the linking process is not completed?
Answer: If a mobile subscriber fails to link the mobile number with uidai Aadhaar, then his connection will be deactivated until it is verified again.

questions. I have already submitted the Aadhaar card as a residence certificate while purchasing the SIM card. Should I do this process again?
Answer: Mobile numbers that were released after biometric verification will not be liable to Lincoln uidai Aadhaar. Only those peoples who have opted for e-KYC by uidai download Aadhaar-based verification by providing biometric data (thumb impression) while applying for connection. Everyone else will have to get verified again.

questions. I have not linked my Aadhaar card to my mobile number which I have mentioned in my credit card and personal loan application. Do I need to link?
Answer: No, you do not need to link the mobile number with uidai Aadhaar which you mentioned in personal loan and credit card application as the linking service has been discontinued till further notice.

questions. Is the linking method the same for postpaid and prepaid peoples?
Answer: Yes, the process of connecting the mobile number to uidai Aadhaar is the same for prepaid and postpaid connections. It is only that prepaid peoples have to go to a vendor while postpaid peoples have to go to their telecom operator’s center.

questions. I do not have an Aadhaar card. What should I do now to avoid mobile service shutdown?
Answer: You can now apply for uidai Aadhaar and get it and then link it to your mobile before the deadline expires.

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