99+ Free Guest Posting And Guest Blogging Website In 2023

Free guest posting and guest blogging website in 2023 – What is guest blogging? OR What are guest posts? It is very important for people working in the field of blogging to know about Guest Blogging. Guest post is very important for a blog website because guest post has many benefits on a blog site.

That is why if you are a blogger and you have just started your blogging career, then it is even more important for you to understand guest post. Because there are many benefits of guest post for a new blogger, that’s why if they do guest posting, then their blog website becomes popular very soon.

Guest post is made up of two words which means a guest who writes an article for another blog, in return for those who are guest posting, from other websites where they guest post. I get a Do Follow link for their website.

What is guest post?

Guest post in general language is written for such a website whose Domino Authority, page authority, traffic is very high and that website publishes articles on general language general topics.

Do follow link is also given by the website for which the guest posts, which are high quality backlinks, due to which the website has many benefits.

Guest means guest post means any topic about which detailed information is written is called post. Guest post has been made by mixing these two words, which in pure Hindi means writing articles for another host. This is called guest post.

Let us understand with an example

The two words guest and host are very important in the field of blogging, as if a guest comes to someone’s house, then they are called guest and whose house the guest comes to, they are called host. Now, in the same language, in the field of blogging, guest post is called the person who writes a post for our website and gives it, it is called Guest Poster.

Why and how to write a guest post ?

The biggest reason for writing guest posts is to increase the popularity of your website, create link building with other websites, increase traffic to your website, and many more reasons for guest posting.

Such as creating a relationship with another blogger, increasing the domino authority of your blog, increasing page authority, increasing the visibility of the blog in search engines, etc.

Guest posting method

Now that we have got information about guest post, after that it is most important to get information about what is the method of guest posting. How to do guest post Let us know below what is the right way to do guest post.

Search Similar Blogs

Blog websites that are similar to your blog website have to be searched, such as the category you write about and the old blog that writes in your own category, the blog website should be searched and posted as a guest.

The easiest way to search for a similar blog website is to search any keyword related to the keyword you work on in Google, after which you will see a list of a lot of websites, whichever blog website you like best. Also You Can contact for guest post on it.

Contact website owner

Before posting a guest on any same category blog website, that blog website should be contacted. For which you can mail or you can give information about yourself by going to the Contact Us section of that blog website. After that, if you get a positive reply through that website, then you can write a guest post for it.

write unique post

The biggest reason for accepting and rejecting guest posts is third class content. That’s why it is most important to write unique posts to get your guest posts accepted on more and more blog websites.

If you write a unique post, then your blog guest post will definitely be accepted. Therefore, whenever you write a guest post for any blog website, keep these things in mind.

Avoid Common Content & Copywriting Mistakes

Some new bloggers who start in the field of blogging do not know what kind of content I have to write and how to write, due to which they mistakenly write copy content, which is the biggest reason for their blog post rejection. Happens.

That’s why whenever you write a blog post, do not use any type of copy content in it. Or do not write after seeing from any other website. Whatever information you give in the blog post, write whatever is in your mind in a unique way.

Write an Awesome Blog Post

Most of the bloggers who write guest posts keep in their mind that I do not want to put this post on my website, so write and send any content on other websites, but it is absolutely wrong to think like this.

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Therefore, whenever you write a post, give complete information in it, in which complete information about that keyword has been written. Avoid writing incomplete posts. Whatever topic you choose, do write complete information in it.

Keyword Research: How to Do It, Tips, Tools & Examples

Guest posts should be prepared by working harder than you do to write posts on your blog posts.

Because whatever other blogs are the owners of the website, they are very experienced. They don’t accept any post which is just written without any meaning.

That’s why whenever you think about writing any content, do keyword research before that and after doing keyword research, work on that keyword.

Whatever is searched should be CPC and people should search more and more on it in the coming time. Keyword research is very important so that you can easily find out the difficulty, search volume, etc. of that keyword.

Write User Friendly Articles

At present, Google gives more importance to the post which is beneficial for the user, the post which has been written only keeping in mind the search engine optimization, it does not have much importance because nowadays Google is giving more importance to the same post which is User friendly.

That’s why whatever post you write, write it keeping in mind the user, as well as keep in mind that that post must also be search engine optimized. Therefore, whatever is the way of writing guest posts at present, by making slight changes in it, write SEO friendly post with user friendly.

use image

Whatever articles you write for guest post, definitely put one or two better images in it. Do not use images taken from Google. Try to create the image for Guest Post yourself and put at least one or two images in it.

mind the language

It is most important to take care of the language in which you are writing the guest post, it is most important to write a post that the user likes to read, as well as the user should easily understand its meaning. If you write Guest Post in Hindi, then choose Hindi words better. Take care of grammar, prepare a better content.

Benefits of guest posting

Let us know in detail below what are the benefits of sharing Guest Post on any other website.

Get High Quality Do Follow Backlinks

When we share guest post on any other website then Do Follow link is given by that website which is very beneficial for the website.

The importance of DO follow unique link is very high. 100 No Follow links also cannot compete with one Do Follow link. That is why the importance of Do Follow link is very high for the website.

Boost Domain Authority

The second most important advantage of guest posting is that the Domino authority of the website increases due to which a green signal goes to Google, due to which there is a lot of improvement in your website.

Increases website traffic

By doing Guest Post, the traffic of the website also increases because when we share a blog post on another old website, then all the visitors who come to that website click on the link from there and on my own Guest Posting website. Also come due to which the traffic of the website increases.

Increase visibility in search engine

By creating a Do Follow link by Guest Post, the visibility of the website increases in Google. The more the visibility of the website increases inside Google, the more traffic comes to the website. DO Follow link is most important to increase visibility in Google.

Better relation with blogger

The relationship of a new blogger with an old blogger is very important because those who are old bloggers have a lot of experience.

Therefore, if you build up your relationship with an old blogger through Guest Post, then its benefits will be immense for your blog as well. That is why the relationship with more and more old bloggers should be improved.

blog website popularity

The more and more guest posts you do on the old website, the popularity of your website also increases because most of the traffic comes to those websites which are old bloggers, when guest posts are done on that website, then the popularity of the blog website is also very high. Increases more.

How to search guest blog site?

A new blogger needs to know how to find a website that accepts a guest post. The easiest way for that is that you can go to Google and search which website is in Hindi language.

Or in the language in which you want to post a guest, which are the websites in that language that accept guest posts, then you will easily get information about it through Google.

After which you can contact for guest post on whatever website you think is better.

Another way to search for a website to do Guest Post is by going to Google, you can search for keywords related to your post and after that word, whichever result will appear in Google, you can visit all those websites one by one. Huh.

You can get information about that website, if Guest Post is accepted by those websites, then you can contact them.

Or even if no information has been given about Guest Post on those websites, you can share a mail for Guest Post through email or through contact. After which if some reply comes, then you can write a guest post for it.

Special Tips for Guest Post

It is also very important to know about which website the guest post should be done, although guest posting should be done on any website on which Spam score is less than 2 percent. The website which should have at least 5 according to Domain Rating (Ahref tool). A website on which regular posts are also published. The website which has been approved by Google Adsense.

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Domino Authority should be more than the website for which the guest is posting. Some organic traffic also comes on that website. And most importantly, the website on which you are going to do guest posting, the post of that website should be of high quality. You can do guest posting on a website that has all these qualities. Apart from this, the guest posting website should also be of your similar category.

free guest posting and guest blogging website in 2023

Blog Name Categories
https://www.pakainfo.com/ Technology, General, Education
https://www.yttags.com/ Tools, General
https://infinityknow.com/ General, Technology
https://www.itsolutionstuck.com/ Technology, Careers, Education
https://www.infogrepper.com/ Business, Technology, General
https://www.smallseotables.com/ Marketing, SEO, Technology
https://www.gpseoagency.com/ Marketing, SEO, Technology
https://www.w3diy.com/ General, Tools
https://www.pincode-finder.com/ General
https://www.shayari-quotes.com/ General
https://www.guest-posting-sites.com/ Marketing, SEO, Technology
https://www.seoboca.com/ Marketing, SEO, Technology
https://www.seo2lz.com/ Marketing, SEO, Technology

Write blog posts for pakainfo

Pakainfo is a very fast growing blog website. On which high quality unique content is accepted as guest post. About which you have been given detailed information below.

  1. Guest Post is accepted only in English language
  2. By the way, the blog website that writes its blog post in English, only the guest post of those blog website is accepted.
  3. Before doing Guest Post, please contact by e-mail.
  4. Only posts written in detail are accepted.
  5. At least 1600 words must be written in the Guest Post, more than this, if there is a need in that post, then you must write.
  6. Guest Post related to the category of the website will be accepted.
  7. Such posts which are copy content or copied from somewhere or AI written with AI technology, language translated, written after reading someone else’s post will not be accepted.
  8. By the way, only the guest post of the blog website will be accepted, which regularly publishes posts on its blog website.
  9. The blog website whose DA-10 is more than that, the guest post of the blog website will be accepted.
  10. By the way, the guest of the blog website will be accepted, whose Alexa ranking is up to 7 lakhs.
  11. Spam Score should be less than 2
  12. Blog post should be user friendly
  13. The blog post should have a unique image in which 1 or more images are used as per the requirement.
  14. Both Free and Paid guest are accepted on Pakainfo
  15. The guest post will be checked by Pakainfo Team after which if the guest post is eligible to be published then it will be published.
  16. You will be informed about it through email.
  17. Pakainfo is completely free for which guest post to publish and which not to publish.
  18. We only publish guest posts that meet our criteria
  19. So if your guest post is not as per Pakainfo’s norms then it will be rejected.
  20. Pakainfo is completely free to make any kind of changes or to remove or update the Guest Post made by you at any time.
  21. Whatever Guest Post will be shared by you, you cannot publish or get it published on your website or on any other website.
  22. I hope you agree with the given information.
  23. To send Guest Post please email at [email protected]

FAQ – guest posting sites

what is guest posting

Guest posting is a process through which you post on other old blog website to increase the ranking of your website.

What is required for guest posting

Similar website unique content is most important for guest posting.

Which website should guest post on?

Guest Post should be done on such a website which is exactly similar to your website. Before guest posting, search for a website that is similar to your website.

Benefits of guest posting

There are many benefits of guest posting like your ranking in Google will increase, website traffic will increase, visitors will increase etc.

How to do guest post for free

To do Guest Post for free guest posting and guest blogging website, it is most important that you search the website which accepts Guest Post for free.

For this, you can go to Google and search for free guest posting website, after which you will see some blog website on which you can contact.

conclusion – free guest posting sites list 2023

What is guest post, Guest Blogging, benefits of guest post, what kind of website should guest post, information has been given in this article, if by reading the information given in this article thoroughly, if for guest post If you implement then your guest post will definitely be accepted.

If there is any question or suggestion related to Guest Post, you can also type in the comment box or mail through email.