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Full Forms & Short Forms

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Domain Name Extensions Full Forms

As guys I shared lots of important very useful Genereal Full Forms that i hear and read many times in our day to day life.

Now I wanted also to share with you some online website domains extensions like as a .com, .edu, .org that you do see when you browsing or get or find websites.

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So Here it goes:

Abbreviation (Extensions) Full Forms
.com Commercial Internet Sites
.net Internet Administrative Site
.org Organization Site
.edu Education Sites
.firm Business Site
.gov Government Site
.int International Institutions
.mil Military Site
.mobi Mobile Phone Site
.int International Organizations
.io Indian Ocean (British Indian Ocean Territory)
.mil U.S. Military
.gov Government
.store A Retail Business
.web Internet Site that is about the World Wide Web
.in India
.au Australia
.ae Arab Emirates
.sa Saudi Arabia
.us United States
.uk United Kingdom
.kh Cambodia
.th Thailand
.cn China
.vn Vietnam
.jp Japan
.sg Singapore
.nz New Zealand
.my Malaysia
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