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Here: Full Forms: The Complete List (2020 Update) You Should Know

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Full Forms & Short Forms

We have listed all of Complete full forms & Short Forms List by Softwares, Therefor it will be simply for you to look what you came for.

Let’s start the Softwares list that everyone should know.

Softwares Related

You may be using lot’s of software and sometimes you see the icon of the software to your friends computer or someone else.

And you bellow listed the text written on that icon, but you didn’t understand what would be that icon’s text full form.


This is the list of most software’s full form.

Short Form Full Form
Ps Photoshop
Ai Illustrator
Lr Lightroom
Be Behance
T Typekit
Au Adobe Audition
Br Bridge
Co Edge Code
Fw Fireworks
Ic InCopy
Mu Adobe Muse
Bc Business Catalyst
In Edge Inspect
Fb Flash Builder
Id InDesign
Pl Prelude
Pr Premiere Pro
CC Creative Cloud
Rf Edge Reflow
Fl Flash Professional
P Prosite
Sc Adobe Scout
Wf Edge Web Fonts
Sg SpeedGrade
Ae After Effects
Dw Dreamweaver
Bd PhoneGap Build
St Story Plus
W Winword
X Excel
O Outlook
P PowerPoint
N OneNote
A Access

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