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Here: Full Forms: The Complete List (2020 Update) You Should Know

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Full Forms & Short Forms

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File Extentions Full Forms

If you friends ever encounter with these all the file format like as a, .pdf, .wmv .ppt, .cdr, .docx, .avi, .txt etc file’s Extentions like as a Documents, Media or any images, then you should some getting or consider to look our below some helpful extentions list.

These are the list of most common all available file’s extentions full forms:

Short Form Full Form
.txt Text/Plain
.docx Document (without Macros)
.docm Document (with Macros)
.ppt PowerPoint Presentation
.csv Comma Separated Values
.pdf Portable Document Format
.gif Graphics Interchange Format
.xd Adobe XD Document
.mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group
.wmv Windows Media Video
.flv Flash Video
.avi Audio Video Interleave
.mp4 MPEG Layer 4
.psd Photoshop Document
.ai Illustrator Document
.cdr Corel Draw Document
.sketch Sketch Document
.asf Advanced Systems Format
.rar It is a archive file format that supports data compression
.divX Digital Video Express (DivX-encoded Movie)
.mp3 MPEG Audio Layer 3
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format
.bmp Windows Bitmap
.m3u Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator This file format is like an extension for Mp3 as it is used in it.
.wav Waveform PCM Audio
.wma Windows Media Audio
.bwf Broadcast Wave Format
.dat Digital Audio Tape
.vue Vue.js (Document)
.py Python Document (File)
.ts Type Script (Document)
.js Javascript (Document)
.sub Subtitle File
.me Readme Text File
.fdr Final Draft Document
.bat Microsoft’s Batch Processing

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