get image from storage laravel – How to display image from storage folder in Laravel?

get image from storage laravel using php artisan storage:link & you can easy and simply get to image from storage folder in laravel public/storage to storage/app/public path.

get image from storage laravel

you have all the your images stored into storage/app/images and simply you want to retrieve it step by step.

Method 1:

php artisan storage:link

display image on your blade file

Method 2:

Create Route:

Route::get('media/{filename}', 'tutorialController@profilePicture')->name('media.profilePicture');

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Create Controller Method:

public function profilePicture($filename)
    $default_path = storage_public('media/' . $filename);

    if (!File::exists($default_path)) {
    $file = File::get($default_path);

    $type = File::mimeType($default_path);

    $results = Response::make($file, 200);
    $results->header("Content-Type", $type);
    return $results;

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