glob images – Php list all images in folder and subfolders

glob images – PHP’s glob() function to find files in a path to directory to scan. matching all types of images so it can be very easy to find e.g. jpg images in a particular directory. PHP’s glob() function which is much smarter than opendir(). Return an array of filenames or directories that matches the specified pattern.

glob images – PHP – glob() Function to List and Filter Files in Folder

glob images list all the files with extension nn on a folder. the first parameter of glob is a regex to match files. Creating a no-database PHP image gallery is as easy as getting a list of image files using glob() and outputting them in HTML.

glob php – return all types of images from directory

Update this code :



glob("img/thumb/*.{jpg,png,gif}", GLOB_BRACE)

Get all the images from a folder in PHP

$dir_name = "admin/api/var/products/";
$all_products = glob($dir_name."*.png");
foreach($all_products as $product_img) {
   echo '<img src="'.$product_img.'" /><br />';

Extract images from a folder in php

Extract images from a folder in php

function rasmname(){
 $dirname = "./";
 $all_products = glob($dirname."*.jpg");
foreach($all_products as $product_img) {
 echo '<img src="'.$product_img.'" /><br />';

php list output images in a directory

Recursively search through directory for images and display them


echo getAllFolderPicturesData("medias");

function getAllFolderPicturesData($pathFolder, array $exts = array('jpeg', 'jpg', 'gif', 'png'))
if (substr($pathFolder, -1) == '/') {
    $pathFolder = substr($pathFolder, 0, -1);
$results_body_data = '';
if (
    && (file_exists($pathFolder) || is_dir($pathFolder))
) {
    $pathFolderList = opendir($pathFolder);
    while($file = readdir($pathFolderList)) {
        if ($file != '.' && $file != '..') {
            $destination = $pathFolder . '/' . $file;
            if (is_readable($destination)) {
                if (is_dir($destination)) {
                    return getAllFolderPicturesData($destination, $exts);
                if (
                    && in_array(end(explode('.', end(explode('/', $destination)))),   $exts)
                ) {
                    $results_body_data .= '<a href="' . $destination . '"><img src="' . $destination
                        . '" style="max-height:200px;max-width:200px" />  </a>';
return $results_body_data;

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display image in php from folder

 <title>showing all the image -</title>
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	echo "<img src='image-name.png' >"; 


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