Gucci and Lamborghini NFTs, The Lennon Collection, and Atari’s 50th anniversary

The NFT realm seems to be buzzing as the hype around the space continues to increase as investors, celebrities, The official App and businesses troop in to participate in the space. 

Diving into the NFT sphere this week, let’s take a look at some of the NFT projects that took off in February. 

The Beatles memorabilia up for auction

The son of John Lennon, Julian Lennon launched some NFTs of items from his personal acquired from his father. The collection which includes three Gibson guitars, and the coat John Lennon wore at The Magical Mystery Tour movie was auctioned on the YellowHeart NFT marketplace. 

However, Lennon has no motive to sell the physical collections he believed he’s to pass the items on to the next generation. Each NFT launched also comes with an audio component that features John’s voice narrating his commencing with each item.

So far, the highest auction offer of the ‘Lennon Connection’ collection is for notes hand-written by Paul McCartney for the song ‘Hey Jude’. According to the auction site, the song was originally written by McCartney to comfort a 5-year-old Julian when his parents got divorced. 

Gucci becomes super

One of the latest partnerships in the NFT space is that between SUPERPLASTIC and Gucci. For those who don’t know, SUPERPLASTIC is the creator of popular digital vinyl toys and animated celebrities. 

The partnership between these two brands birthed a three-part NFT collection named SUPERGUCCI and all purchases are designed to be in Ether. The debut SUPERGUCCI includes 10 exclusive NFTs that come with ceramic sculptures. 

The primary character of the collection subbed CryptoJunky is inspired by Guggimon and Janky, the popular SUPERPLASTIC artists. Both the ceramic sculptures and the CryptoJanky NFT were co-designed and created in Italy. 

In addition to this, Alessandro Michele, the creative director at Gucci also designed a concept of an online store dubbed the Gucci Vault. Potential customers are ablebrowserowe the store for pre-owned vintage Gucci pieces carefully hand-picked, restored, and reconditioned for sale by Michele. 

Lamborghini goes to space

The Italian automobile brand announced its debut NFT project dubbed space-TimeTime Memory. The project features a series of five photographs of a Lamborghini Ultimae time-space mission. 

The NFTs were created from real car parts by Fabian Oefner, a Swiss artist, and photographs were creatively shot from a weather balloon. The company has affirmed that the NFTs are accessible through a QR code inscribed in each of the five physical ‘Space Key’. These space keys now have an element of their carbon fiber delivered to the International Space Station as an effort towards collaborative project research with Lamborghini. 

The NFT features an Aventador LP 7 Ultimate rising beyond the Earth as an emblem of human space exploration. The digital artwork created from the partnership between NFT PRO and Fabian Oefner is truly an excellent piece of artwork. 

Atari celebrates 50 years with gifts

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Atari decided to do so in style by designing NFTs and gifting them to fans and lovers of the brand. Giftable NFTs also known as gifts are limited editions of surprise NFTs that automatically unwrap on a particular date. The company affirmed that the collection celebrates the Atari 2600 games and consoles like Asteroids, Combat Swordquest, Centipede, and many more. 

To create and develop these gifts, Atari entered a partnership with a Metaverse real estate investment fund, Republic Realm. 

Other Nifty News

An upcoming NFT marketplace known as LooksRare said to rival OpenSea also sparked some interest in February. However, concerns about heightened wash trading activities on the platform grow among investors. 

Despite this, LooksRare became the platform with the highest documented sale of Bored Ape Yacht Club, in terms of ETH paid.  Bored Ape #283 on the LooksRare NFT marketplace sold for 1080.69 ETH. Looking at the current price of Ethereum, that is about $2.85 million worth of artwork. 

On the other hand, OpenSea also faced some criticism in January when the platform decided to limit minting to five collections with 50 items for each collection. The platform also faced more backlash when it made a public announcement, telling its users to cancel inactive listings which saw many lose their money and NFTs.

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