Hack facebook account with help of 3 mutual friends

Hack facebook account with help of 3 mutual friends

Today, We want to share with you Hack facebook account with help of 3 mutual friends.
In this post we will show you Hack facebook account with help of 3 mutual friends, hear for 4 Ways to Get Someone’s Facebook Password we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about how to know Hack facebook password of friend with an example.

Simple Examplin step by step your friends facebook account hack and password reset.

Step By step Facebook Account hack

First of all help of your three friends.and than access of your best friend account.And reset the your friend account password help your 2 mutual friends.

STEP 1 : Please open your confirtable browser and open this link http://www.facebook.com . plz When the login page comes and there up click on the link ” simple click to Forgot your password? link ”

STEP 2 : and then open new window will ask you to identify the rahuk dongas account ( your friend facbook account you want to hack or reset password) by entering your friend email or phone numbers , facebook username ( url of your friends profile like http://facebook.com/angularking ) or you may search for angularking profile by just entering angularking name and one of angularking friend.?

STEP 3 mutual friends : Enter the simple captcha code to make sure and that the simple query has been generated new by a human person and not any more machine or any bots. the Select the your facebook friends account from the list and click here and” This is my Account clicked ” for message confirmation notification.

STEP 4 : Now here the simple or real hack begins started !! If every thing simple goes to fine , we will be asked to enter the new email , where you want to receive the password get reset link. simple phase to Just create a new fake email address id for this hack purpose.

And then click submit button.

STEP 5 : : There is also simple to another level of security get answers called “Security Question”. and then Now here comes more the Critical new vulnerability.. here to Interestingly If you simple Provide wrong answers 3 – three times in a row, and we will Just Bypass this new level of security.

STEP 6 : : now then And Facebook will now simple provide another account interesting way to get back near your account hack with the help of 3 mutual friends mutual friends. So you will see a browser window similar to this.

STEP 7 : As you can see simple you will need to perform no of 3 mutual friends steps to recover the your facebook friends account . Just push click on “continue” button . And you will be asked to any one choose any of the three mutual friends ( trusted ) friends please one by one. Now facebook will send your close friends security codes to each get selected friends.

Now your good Job is to all contact your close Friends and Get the simple 3 mutual friends Security codes. Once you plz collect the 3 mutual friends security code get, enter them one by one put code in step 3 mutual friends. Finally your friends Facebook will then allow you to the reset your password and hack account through standard email recovery process and access i.e. you will receive a password reset link to new email id you gave.

Facebook Hack..


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