how to calculate percentage discount using calculator?

Today, We want to share with you how to calculate discount.In this post we will show you simple discount rate calculator, hear for original price calculator we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Mifflin st jeor calculator with Equation and Formula with an example.

how to calculate discount percentage formula?


<!Doctype html>
    <input id="price">Your Price
    <input id="discount">%
    <button onclick="getPrice()">
Get total
    <input readonly id="total">
        getPrice = function() {
            var userInput1 = Number(document.getElementById("price").value);
            var userInput2 = Number(document.getElementById("discount").value) / 100;
            var totalValue = userInput1 - (userInput1 * userInput2)
            document.getElementById("total").value = totalValue.toFixed(2);

I hope you get an idea about list price calculator.
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