how to call function in php?

Today, We want to share with you how to call function in php?.In this post we will show you what is function in php?, hear for php function use we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about calling javascript function from php code with an example.

How to Define and Call a Function in PHP?

Example 1: call function using php code

Functions with Parameters

Example 2: Defining function &

Functions with Optional Parameters and Default Values

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"; } genratedName("Arial", 2); genratedName("Times", 3); genratedName("Courier"); ?>

Returning Values from a Function

Passing Arguments to a Function by Reference

Understanding the Variable Scope

The global Keyword

Creating Recursive Functions

 $count, 'values' => $products);
$species = array(
    "mobiles" => array(
    "products" => array(
        "tamil" => array(
        "2021 nmew",
        "z570 v"
    "languages" => array(
        "programme" => array(
            "server" => array(
        "Hindi" => array(
$result = printValues($species);
echo $result['total'] . ' value(s) found: ';
echo implode(', ', $result['values']);

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