how to get key and value from json array object in javascript?

Today, We want to share with you javascript json decode.In this post we will show you get value from json object in javascript, hear for how to get key and value from json array object in javascript we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about JavaScript JSON Encoder and Decoder with an example.

JavaScript JSON parse() Method

change js to json

var players_list = {name: "Pratiksha", age: 28, country: "India"};
// Converting JS object to JSON string
var json = JSON.stringify(players_list);
// Prints: {"name":"Pratiksha","age":28,"country":"India"} 

javascript json decode

var playerInfo = '{"first_name":"Pratiksha", "age":28}';
var playerObject = JSON.parse(playerInfo); //parse json string into JS object

json_decode javascript


javascript parse json

const playerInfo = '{ "cricketer": "Virat", "products": 105 }';
const finalResObject = JSON.parse(playerInfo);
console.log(finalResObject.cricketer, finalResObject.products);

js parse json

const json = '{"result":true, "count":150}';
const finalResObject = JSON.parse(json);

// expected output: 150

// expected output: true

js string to object


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