How to Open URL in New Tab using Drupal

How to Open URL in New Tab using Drupal

Today, We want to share with you How to Open URL in New Tab using Drupal.
In this post we will show you Drupal redirection, hear for drupal external links open in new window we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Open link in a new tab or window with Drupal with an example.

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In Drupal, Open new window when target=”_blank”

<Link to="/about" target="_blank">About</Link>

Drupal Overview with Features

There are the Following the List of Features For Drupal Pure PHP Latest Frameworks.

  • open source software
  • customizable
  • SEO-friendly
  • mobile-ready
  • An extensive API support
  • Enterprise-class software
  • Variety of content types
  • Graphics management
  • Plugins
  • Page content management
  • Support

Drupal Disadvantages

There are the Following the List of Disadvantages For Drupal Pure PHP Latest Frameworks.

  • Installation and modification
  • Compatibility
  • Efficiency

Drupal redirect to a new tab

  1. 1 – Go to admin/structure/menu
  2. 2 – select the menu that We want to put the new url to and simple click on {put your Link}
  3. 3 – put the here external Path in same here “path” input field like the simple following “”

Drupal Redirects

create a redirection programmatically

use Drupal\redirect\Entity\Redirect;

//Drupal redirect routings
    'redirect_source' => 'pakainfo/aboutus',
    'redirect_redirect' => 'internal:/node/1',
    'language' => 'usa',
    'status_code' => '301',

Drupal Redirecting To External Domains

Domains need You to set in the your Trusted Host config settings of settings.php.

 if (isset($redirect_status)) {
        $response = new TrustedRedirectResponse($domain_url, $redirect_status);

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