How to Solve Error call to a member function toArray() on null?

Question: What It Is & How to Fix php error Like call to a member function toArray() on null, fails() on array, pluck() on array, getrelationexistencequery() on array, getapipath on array, all() on string and store() on array

PHP Error :call to a member function toArray() on null (What It Is & How to Fix It)

Best Solution for you intermittently receive the PHP or Laravel error: “Call to a member function toArray() on null”. like as a toarray null pointer exception

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Problem: call to a member function toArray() on null

This error comes when the PHP execution script doesn’t allow us to run scripts. I also found the same error when tried to run a PHP or Laravel script.

    $shop = Shop::with('profile')->whereUsername($shop_name)->firstOrFail();
    $products = $shop->products->all();

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I think this happens because $products is a collection of objects not an object like $shop. Check querying-relations in the Laravel main documentation the red area in the end of that section. That explains why $products[0]->toArray() works fine.

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Also, you can fix the bug yourself.

$shop = \App\Shop::where('name','pakainfo')->first();
	$shop = $shop->toArray();
retrun $shop;

pluck() on array


$shops_ids = [

$data_result = [];

foreach($shops_ids as $id_shop) {
  $data_result[] = date('H:i', $id_shop[0]);



    [0] => 23:06
    [1] => 00:26

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