HTML input time with 24 hours format

Today, We want to share with you input type time 24 hour format.In this post we will show you input type=time value, hear for input type=time value we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How to Get Current Date & Time in JavaScript? with an example.

input type=time 24 hour format without am/pm

in this example learn to input type time 24 hour format with am/pm jquery and bootstrap using Regular Expression and many more.

  • Input Time value Property
  • TIME:
    < input type="time">
  • input type=”month”

The time input type is used to collect a time value from the user, in the format of hours and minutes. Here’s an example of how to use the time input type in HTML:

By default, the time input type will display a drop-down list of hours and minutes, allowing the user to select a time. On most modern browsers, the time input type will also display a graphical time picker to assist the user in selecting the time.

You can set the default value of a time input field using the value attribute:

The format of the time value must be in the format of “HH:MM” (hours and minutes), and it must be a valid time value. You can also set constraints on the time input by using the min and max attributes to specify the minimum and maximum allowed time values:

Input Time value Property

User Time: 

Click the button to set a time for the time field.


< input type="time">

Obtains time input in the 24 hour time format. Say : 21.05.

TIME input Example

User Time : 

input type=”month”



Full Example : input type=”time”



Example with Source code

here you can show in this example difference between the defaultValue and value property

Update the time of the time field, and then click the button below.


IMP Note that the default main use value is not affected when you update the value of the time HTML input field.

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