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Bootstrap datepicker example text input with date format

In this Article you will know how to use simple bootstrap datepicker example in your HTML form. Using jquery datepicker, you can simply select the current date from a calendar instead of typing manually. Here in below best example i use simple bootstrap datepicker which is going most popular as well as has full-featured with all types of the settings and libraries.

bootstrap datepicker example

The bellow simple example will tell you how to set datepicker using bootstraps datepicker in your HTML Form.

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Simple Bootstraps datepicker example


     Bootstraps datepickers example text input with specifying date format -

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If you required to auto closing the date picker which means HTML jquery based datepicker immediately closed after selecting a your date and then you will have to set setting to the autoclose true :

    autoclose: true,  
    format: "dd/mm/yyyy"

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