Instagram Not Working with VPN? Here’s Some Quick Fixes!

VPNs are the perfect tool to access censored content. Many countries have banned social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The good news is that if you find Instagram blocked in your country, you can access it through VPN. The bad news? Sometimes, even a VPN doesn’t unblock Instagram, and you’re back to square one. So what should someone do in such a situation?

There are a lot of quick fixes to help you tackle this issue. We’ll discuss several methods you can implement to get your Instagram working with a VPN. In the steps, we’ll outline the exact steps you need to do for your Instagram to work with a VPN in no time.

Does Instagram Block VPN Usage?

Instagram does not block using VPNs. However, it does state in its terms of service that they do not allow automation tools and bots that violate its guidelines.

If you’re having trouble opening the app, it might not be because of the VPN itself but perhaps because of issues with your internet connection. Try a different network or use a different server. That should do the trick.

Now let’s get into the steps you must take for Instagram to start working with VPN.

Remove Cookies

Instagram uses cookies to improve your online experience. Cookies aren’t malicious; they are used to enhance the user experience. For example, cookies save your login details so you don’t have to log in whenever you open the app.

The issue with cookies is that they can keep crucial information about you, such as your name and, most importantly, your location.

ISPs can use this information to determine whether you’re using a VPN. If the location information stored by your cookies shows a different IP address than the one given you by a VPN, then your ISP can block it. So a way to get around it is to delete cookies, so your Instagram starts working again.

Don’t Use A Free VPN Service.

Just because a VPN is free doesn’t mean it’s effective. There are a lot of drawbacks that come with using free VPNs, all at the cost of compromising your online privacy. Since free VPNs don’t charge anything, they make use of advertisements by selling your personal information to third parties.

Some free VPNs have adware, and it can cause malware to be spread to your device if you aren’t careful. Therefore it is suggested not to use a free VPN.

Try A Different Server

If you still can’t open your Instagram with VPN, consider using a different server. One of the main reasons you’re having an issue with using Instagram through your VPN is that the IP address given to you by the VPN has gotten blocked by your Internet Service Provider.

Connect to a server based in a country that doesn’t restrict Instagram and other social media platforms. That should resolve the issue. Testing different servers and seeing which one proves to be more effective can help you bypass the restrictions.

Upgrade To A Paid VPN

Another way to make your Instagram work is to use the VPN that’s compatible with Instagram. Firstly, they have fast servers, and secondly, they will ensure that your IP addresses don’t get blocked.

Another point is that some premium VPNs have built-in ad blocker features to protect you from malware and adware. It can cause Instagram not to load correctly. To test this out, disable the ad blocker to see if Instagram starts working again. If your VPN doesn’t have that feature, try disabling your browser’s ad blocker and notice if that changes anything.

It’s essential to choose a secure, secure VPN provider with regularly updated IP addresses. A trusted VPN service helps lower any chances of issues coming up with Instagram.

Reinstall Your VPN

Try to reset your VPN to see if Instagram starts working again. Reinstalling your VPN can help you gain access to Instagram. Uninstall VPN and then reinstall it to see if you can access Instagram.

Alternatively, you can wait for your VPN to change your IP address to one your ISP hasn’t blocked. However, it takes a long time, and there’s no certainty that the VPN provider will be able to resolve this issue, so it’s a good idea to invest in a premium VPN that provides you with an IP address that is hard to detect.

Clear Cache from the Instagram App

There may be instances where your Instagram app stores cache, which can cause issues when connected to a VPN. Clearing out the cache can fix this issue. To remove the cache, go to your device’s settings, select Instagram, and click on the option that says clear cache.

How Does Instagram Detect VPN?

  • Firstly, Instagram knows the IP address used to access the platform. If it finds an IP address that is linked to a VPN or some sketchy activity, it could flag it for potentially violating its terms of service and community guidelines.
  • Instagram has security systems that can detect suspicious activity. Suppose a user uses an Instagram account unusually, such as spamming excessively or liking and commenting excessively. In that case, Instagram can restrict that account, regardless of whether the person is using VPN.
  • Instagram incorporates machine-learning algorithms that can identify user patterns and anything out of the ordinary. These algorithms can detect if the person is using VPN. This can trigger security issues which can lead to Instagram flagging your account.
  • Instagram can also detect VPN usage if there are geolocation inconsistencies. They have the knowledge and record of where their users are coming from and the location of their IP address, so if they notice a different IP address from a different location, they can detect that it’s coming from a VPN.

Can I Use A VPN With Instagram?

You can use Instagram with a VPN. Many people use VPNs to enhance their online experiences and have the necessary privacy. VPNs help them gain access to geo-restricted content as well as bypass censorship. Since some countries have restricted access to social media platforms, you can use a VPN to access Instagram. Some key points to note are:

Choose a reliable VPN provider.

  • Connect your server to a location that supports Instagram.
  • Make sure you comply with Instagram’s terms of service.
  • If Instagram isn’t working with VPN, try experimenting and connecting to a different server to see if it works.
  • Avoid suspicious activities, as Instagram can still restrict your account, regardless of whether or not you’re using a VPN.
  • Contact a VPN provider’s support team to get help troubleshooting any issues with Instagram while you’re
  • using VPN. They can address your concerns promptly.


While using Instagram with VPN, you must ensure you are not violating Instagram’s terms of service. Complying with their community guidelines ensures you have a seamless experience. These tips will enable you to use Instagram easily without any issues. The primary purpose of a VPN is to safeguard your online privacy. If you violate its community guidelines by being spammy or using automation tools, even a VPN can’t help if Instagram restricts your account. So be mindful.

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