javascript checkbox checked – How to check if a checkbox is checked using JavaScript?

javascript checkbox checked – Inspect the checked property of the element. Find out how to check the state of a checkbox, looking if it is checked or not, using JavaScript.

javascript checkbox checked

Checking if a checkbox is checked. Check/Uncheck checkbox with JavaScript and jQuery – First of all, select the checkbox using the selecting DOM methods like as getElementById() or querySelector().

javascript checkbox checked
javascript checkbox checked

Using Javascript:
// Check
document.getElementById("is_active").checked = true;

// Uncheck
document.getElementById("is_active").checked = false;

Using jQuery:

// Check
$("#is_active").prop("checked", true);

// Uncheck
$("#is_active").prop("checked", false);

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// Check
$("#is_active").attr("checked", true);

// Uncheck
$("#is_active").attr("checked", false);

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javascript checkbox checked Example

Say you have this checkbox:

<input type="checkbox" class="is_active" />

You can see if it’s checked using

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You can also check if looking for .is_active:checked does not return null:

document.querySelector('.is_active:checked') !== null

but I think looking for .checked is cleaner.

Note: Do NOT use getAttribute() looking for the checkbox checked attribute value, because that’s always true if the checkbox is checked by default in this methods:

<input type="is_active" checked />

Also don’t check for the value of a checkbox HTML element. this is always on, regardless whether the checkbox is checked or not.

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<h2 style="color:blue">Create a checkbox and get its value</h2>
<h3> Are you a indian Cricketer? </h3>
Yes: <input type="checkbox" id="playerTeam1" value="Yes, I'm a indian Cricketer">
No: <input type="checkbox" id="playerTeam2" value="No, I'm not a indian Cricketer">
<br> <br>
<button onclick="checkCheckbox()">Submit</button> <br>

<h4 style="color:blue" id="output"></h3> 
<h4 style="color:red" id="error"></h3> 

function checkCheckbox() {
  var yes = document.getElementById("playerTeam1");
  var no = document.getElementById("playerTeam2");
  if (yes.checked == true && no.checked == true){
    return document.getElementById("error").innerHTML = "Please mark only one checkbox either Yes or No";
  else if (yes.checked == true){
    var y = document.getElementById("playerTeam1").value;
    return document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = y; 
  else if (no.checked == true){
    var n = document.getElementById("playerTeam2").value;
    return document.getElementById("output").innerHTML = n;
  else {
    return document.getElementById("error").innerHTML = "*Please mark any of checkbox";


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