GIMP Fonts – A List Of Cool Gimp Fonts (from Google Fonts) – 10 Best Free Fonts

GIMP Fonts & gimp fonts list from Google In this article, GIMP 2.x supports all types of Font. I provide links to the 10 best free fonts for GIMP (from Google Fonts) to help drastically improve your creative projects!. That your OS can support either Windows operating system, Linux os, or Mac OS.

Guide to GIMP Fonts. Here we discuss the introduction, how to use fonts in GIMP, and steps to use GIMP Fonts respectively.

gimp fonts list – How to Add Fonts to GIMP (Download and Install)?

Gimp Scribble Font – Want to know how to add fonts to GIMP? GIMP supports a wide range of fonts. Download Fonts From the Internet also here you can free One excellent font resource is Google Fonts.

You can use the open-source GIMP. As well as GIMP known as the GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP Full Form “GNU Image Manipulation Program”.

A List Of Cool Gimp Fonts

GIMP Fonts – 10 Best Free Fonts for GIMP (from Google Fonts)

gimp fonts list Like as a Blazed, Circus, Roboto, Times Sans Serif, The Bold Font, Caviar Dreams, Paquet Cadeaux, Stamp Act, Henry Morgan, Planet Benson, Painty Paint, Roman SD, Kiwi School Handwriting, Score Board, Taco Box, Ferro Rosso, Times No Roman, Crazy Cartoon, Chocolate Box, Good Times, Cursive Font and Handwriting Draft.

gimp fonts
gimp fonts

Font Options

  • Larger Previews
  • Open the Font Selection dialog
  • Smaller Previews
  • View as Grid
  • View as list

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Adding Fonts in GIMP

FreeType 2 is a very robust and extensible font system. It provides the following font formats:

  • BDF fonts
  • CFF fonts
  • CID-keyed Type 1 fonts
  • OpenType fonts
  • PFR fonts
  • SFNT-based bitmap fonts
  • TrueType fonts
  • Type 1 fonts
  • Type42 fonts
  • Windows FNT fonts
  • X11 PCF fonts

Some Other Best Free Fonts for GIMP

Best free 10 useful extensive as well best free download fonts for GIMP are as follows:

  • Alatsi
  • Bebas Neue
  • Beth Ellen
  • Exo
  • Graduate
  • Im Fell Enlish Sc
  • Major Mono Display
  • Roboto
  • Share Tech Mono
  • Ubuntu


To Add Any Cool Font In The GIMP 2.X Tool Manually. Follow these simple steps

  • step 1 – find the font you want to use from the web
  • step 2 – download and extract your font
  • step 3 – install your font
  • step 4 – find + use your new font in gimp


simple you can Go to Edit>Preferences as well as scroll down to the “Folders” menu bar option near the bottom.

How to Download and Install Fonts in GIMP (Windows)?

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