javascript get classes – How to Get the Class Name of an Object in JavaScript?

javascript get classes is useful to add, remove and toggle CSS classes on an element. The class name of the elements you want to get.

javascript get classes

javascript get classes to you can use the classList property on the corresponding element using JavaScript.

javascript get all elements with class

const allElementContainpakainfoClassName = document.querySelectorAll('.pakainfo');
// => return array of all elements 

const firstElementContainpakainfoClassName = document.querySelector('.pakainfo');

How to get all CSS classes of an element?

var allListOfCls = this.className.split(' ')


var allListOfCls = $(this)[0].className.split(' ')
var allListOfCls = $(this).prop('className').split(' ')

use myElement.classList

const allListOfCls = myElement.classList;

javascript get all classes

var allHiddenElements = document.getElementsByClassName("hidden");

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Use the name Property

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