javascript if else shorthand – How to replace “if” statement with a ternary operator?

javascript if else shorthand Using the ternary πŸ˜• operator also ? – the ternary operator itself Example var hasName = (member_profile === ‘true’) ? ‘Y’ :’N’;

javascript if else shorthand

(question)?(result if true):(result is false)

? – the ternary operator itself

Using the ternary πŸ˜• operator

var hasName = (member_profile === 'true') ? 'Y' :'N';
(member_profile === 'true') - our condition

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javascript short if – Example

hasName = member_profile ? 'Y' : 'N';

shorthand if in javascript with return

member = members.find(member => member.type ==='Mayur' && member.member_profile === 'Pankil');
console.log(member); // { type: 'Mayur', member_profile: 'Pankil' }

shorthand if statement js

const answer = variable > 15 ? "greater than 15" : "less than 15";

// or

if (custom_condition)
// other code here

short if statements in javascript

let isActive || "if the variable isActive has nothing inside show this string";
let string = condition ? 'true' : 'false'; // if condition is more than one enclose in brackets
let condition && 'show this string if condition is true';

shorthand if statment in js

isActive ? "Great" : "Sorry, Try Again";

javascript if shorthand

condition ? active : deactivate

1 > 2 ? console.log(true) : console.log(false)
// returns false

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