php splat operator – The Splat Operator In PHP

php splat operator – The splat operator is used as three dots before variable (…). PHP 5.6 and the Splat Operator and It’s Variadic Functions. str is called a splat operator in PHP

php splat operator

The splat operator can be used to unpack parameters to functions or to combine variables into an array.

you can use splat operator (…) to create simpler variadic functions (functions that take an undefined number of arguments).

This includes names like:

  • Ellipsis
  • Spread operator
  • Splat operator
  • Unpacking operator
  • Packing operator
  • Three dots operator

PHP – Splat Operator … Variadic functions have been around since before 5.6

The Splat Operator In PHP

PHP – Splat Operator
Three dots operator

function adder(...$numbers)
$sum = 0;

foreach ($numbers as $number)
$sum += $number;

return $sum;

// Both of these work.

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Only the last parameter can use the splat operator,


function adder(ProductType1 ...$adds, ProductType2 ...$subs)
$total = 0;

foreach ($adds as $add)
$total += $add->getAccount();;

foreach ($subs as $sub)
$total -= $sub->getAccount();

return $total;

Argument Unpacking

function adder($arg1, $arg2)
return $arg1 + $arg2;

$args = array(1,2);
print adder(...$args); // results 3

Array of Objects Validation

class AccountPackage
private $m_accounts;

public function __construct(array $accounts)
$this->m_accounts = (function (Account ...$accounts) {
return $accounts;

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php splat

php splat operator


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