javascript show hide div onclick toggle – How to show and hide div by a button click?

javascript show hide div onclick toggle – Simple demo with Toggle (Show Hide) DIV on Button Click using JavaScript and jQuery Example.

javascript show hide div onclick toggle

you can use the .toggle() method to toggle an element, any element.


This is the Primary div
This is the mainPart div
This is the uniqTds div

javascript Code

const selectBasePart = document.getElementById("uniqTds");
const btn = document.getElementById("toggle");
btn.onclick = function () {
  if ( !== "none") { = "none";
  } else { = "block";

how to show hide div in html javascript?


Click the "Try it" button to toggle between hiding and showing the DIV element:

This is my DIV element.

Note: The element will not take up any space when the display property set to "none".

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